Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Hot Cross Bun Addiction

With Easter coming up soon, it's easy to indulge my obsession with hot cross buns. I almost always add some to my shopping basket, I just love them! Maybe it was all those Good Friday's growing up where basically all we ate all were lightly toasted hot cross buns with a touch of butter. There are all sorts of buns available, from unglazed to glazed, from traditional fruit to cranberries and almonds to fruit free and even chocolate - something for everyone! Lately, it seems that the trend has spilled over from the traditional baked good into other delicious spicy treats.

1. Extra spicy hot cross buns - my all-time favourite!
2. Hot cross bun fudge - sinful goodness in an adorable jar.
3. Hot cross bun milk chocolate eggs - combining two Easter staples.
4. Hot cross bun rusks - adding a South African twist!
5. Hot cross bun chai in glass jar or box - a lovely warming tea, perfect for chilly Autumn mornings.
6. Hot cross bun journal - because why not!

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