Thursday, 3 November 2016

Getting back into the swing of things

Hi there everyone, long time no see!

Now, I'm not quite yet done with my doctoral dissertation, but I'm in the final stages. If all goes well, I should be done by the middle of the month. The end is finally in sight and it is SO motivating!

Now, while I may not quite be done yet, I thought it's about time to start getting some life back into this blog. I have a whole bunch of posts that have piled up that I want to get out before getting into the Christmas swing of things! (Yes, this year there will actually be Christmas posts, unlike the last two years in which I failed miserably!)

Now, while we're on the topic of the future of this blog, I just want to remind you, my readers, that this is not a beauty blog. I tried, I didn't like it. As much as I love makeup, I don't want my blog to just be press release after press release of products. Whimsy Is Forever is above all a personal blog. So there will be some beauty-related posts. There will be some home posts, some lifestyle posts. Posts filled with random thoughts I want to share. Posts about crochet, scrapbooking, card making. This blog is all about the little things I enjoy, and I hope that you will enjoy it too. I will also be making some tweaks to my blog theme, but hopefully the process won't be too disruptive!

Finally, thank you for sticking around after my hiatus! I hope that you enjoy reading this blog going forward!


PS: The lipstick I'm wearing in the photo above is Nyx Liquid Suede in "Stone Fox" and it was love at first swatch! This photo was taken on Halloween but I think I'm going to find some fun ways to wear this blue-grey lipstick more often!

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  1. I am looking forward to the scrapbooking and cardmaking posts! Two of my favourite hobbies!!!


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