Monday, 6 June 2016

Always Writing, Never Blogging

Hi everyone,

So you may have notice things have gotten a little quiet around the blog and I'm here to let you know that things are probably going to stay that way until November. I'm officially writing my doctoral thesis, which means turning three years of experiments in the lab into basically a book. I started in the middle of May and am hoping to submit my thesis to my examiners by Nov, so it's going to be an intense few months. There will be tears, there may be blood. I'm really scared, but I'm also really excited to turn my work into a complete story that will (hopefully!) earn me my degree. So I want to apologize in advance for not making blogging a priority. My breaks from working are going to revolve mainly around meals (if I don't eat them at my keyboard) and sleep. I may pop around and blog a bit to blow off some steam, but I'm not going to plan anything. I know this will make me lose readers and traffic and crumble my stats, but I don't really care. I'm making myself a priority. And I hope that some of you may still be around when I finish.

In addition to not updating my blog, there probably won't be a lot of updates on my Whimsy Is Forever social media pages. If you are interested in seeing what I actually get up to over the next few months, you can check out my personal/chemistry twitter account, @lauravlaeren, where I'll be posting most of my daily updates.


  1. Wishing you all the best :)

  2. You show that thesis who's boss!!!! We'll see you on the other side holding champagne glasses and toasting your brilliance!! xxx

  3. Eeeeks girl! Best of luck to you. Believe me, I know all about this struggle.


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