Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Superbalist Winter Wishlist

Superbalist always has a fascinating collection and this winter's selection is no exception, including a vast collection of boots, dresses and jackets. They asked me to put together an outfit that I'd love to wear this winter.

I headed straight to the dress section, because as you may know, I'm obsessed with dresses and have basically worn nothing else this year. (So far in 2016 I have 3 days of wearing trousers, the rest is all dresses!) People tend to give the dresses a skip in winter, but I love them all year round: the key is in layering and in choosing the right fabrics for the season. My eyes were soon drawn to this beautiful knitwear dress. On it's own, perfect for those cool but not cold winter days. When the mercury drops, just add a pair of warm tights (like these ones) or some cute knee-high socks and pull on a scarf or a warm fuzzy sweater.

In terms of boots, 2016 is definitely all about the ankle boot. I'm particularly drawn to Chelsea-style boots, so I'd add a pair of these.

When it comes to dressing for Cape Town winter, layering is absolutely key as we have a tendency to experience mulitple seasons in one day! One thing you have to keep an eye out for though is the rain. (I LOVE our rainy winters but I know others aren't on my side!) This is where an actual raincoat comes in handy - it keeps you nice and dry, plus the hood will keep your hair dry when the wind is too strong for an umbrella to cooperate! This one should do the job nicely, while still looking very stylish!

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