Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Project Pan 91 - 104

If you've been around the blog world for a while, you probably have come across a Project Pan series or two before (you can read past blog posts here). For those who don't know what Project Pan is, this is what it is about: basically, you go on a no-buy or low-buy until you use up the things you already have. I'm sure everyone has experienced that point where your bathroom or vanity is overfull of half-empty products, and yet you keep on buying more. The idea behind Project Pan is to (a) finish using the products you already own (or, if you hate them, throw them out!) and (b) not buy products that you already have. So I will be repurchasing things I finish, or buying things that I still need, but no more wasting money on things I already have in my collection. 

I popped into Lush last week quickly to get a new solid shampoo bar and a bath bomb (small splurge for my no-buy) and it reminded me that it's been forever since I included my used Lush items in a Project Pan post (you can read my last Lush Project Pan post here). So here goes...

91. Holly Golightly Bubble Bar
This Christmas bubble bar had a deliciously spicy scent - think of all the best Christmas spices! I'd held back on using this one until winter was here, just knowing that those spices would be perfect for a cold winter's night! This bubble bar is massive, I cut it in half but you could probably stretch it further. The inside was bright green, which coloured the water, the glitter gave the bath a festive shimmer and it produced mountains of bubbles that held the scent. The scent was strong without being overpowering.
Will I repurchase? Yes, this was the second year that I bought this bar and I still love it!

92. Intergalactic Bath Ballistic
Just look at that! I'm totally addicted to this ballistic.  It's so gorgeous to watch, the scent is amazing (rather unisex too, so great if you don't like the floral/fruity ones). Plus you end up with turquoise water filled with fine glitter. What more could you want?
Will I repurchase? Yes! (Although a dear friend got me one for my birthday that's waiting for a rainy day first!)

93. The Experimenter Bath Ballistic.
This one was fun to watch dissolve, but the end result from those colours mixing is a pale lavender grey bath water that's not super exciting or attractive.
Will I repurchase? No.

94. Shoot for the Stars Bath Ballistic
This Christmas ballistic is one of my all-time faves. It's so damn pretty, both to watch dissolve and the final product. And it smells heavenly!
Will I repurchase? Yes! Again, this is one I got for the last two Christmasses.

95. Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic
ALL TIME FAVE! The turquoise water, the gold dust, the golden stars, the citrus scent - it's just amazing!
Will I repurchase? Yes - I think this was my 5th Golden Wonder?!

96. Bar Humbug Bubble Bar
This was a new offering for Christmas 2015 and as it was liquorice scented, I just had to try it! The aniseed scent was just up my alley, and it gave the water a beautiful maroon shade with mountains of bubbles.
Will I repurchase? Yes indeed.

97. Peeping Santa Bubble Bar
Another new one from the Christmas line last year. He made lots of bubbles and made the water lovely and soft, but was relatively underwhelming by Lush standards.
Will I repurchase? Probably not.

98. Karma Bubble Bar
If you haven't seen this pyrimidal bubble bar, definitely go seek it out! The bar itself is gorgeous and has Lush's famous Karma scent. The water becomes this beautiful deep purple with swirling gold dust and heaps upon heaps of bubbles. You really feel like a queen in this bath!
Will I repurchase? Yes!

99. Twilight Bath Ballistic
(Forgive the blurry photo, my phone's battery was dying and wouldn't let me take any more photos.) One of Lush's long standing bath ballistics with a relaxing lavender scent.
Will I repurchase? No. This is my 2nd one as I wanted to give it another shot, but I was thoroughly underwhelmed by this bland ballistic.

100. Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic
A nice scent and pretty pink water, but maybe my expectations were just too high to enjoy this one?
Will I repurchase? No.

101. Space Girl Bath Ballistic
I was rather disappointed with this one. It had trouble dissolving (it immediately sank to the bottom of the bath and just sat there?) and the scent dissipated very quickly.
Will I repurchase? No, but I think it's discontinued anyway. (Maybe by this point it's sounding like I'm a very hard woman to please, haha!)

102. Phoenix Rising Bath Ballistic
A rich, intensely spiced bath ballistic that was just jam packed with shimmer. I'm sad this one got discontinued!
Will I repurchase? If they ever bring it back, for sure.

103.  Blackberry Bath Bomb
This is a no-frills bomb from the early days of Lush, but I really like it. The scent is uncomplicated, the water goes a pretty purple and you can even coax some bubbles out of it.
Will I repurchase? Yes.

104. Karma Komba Shampoo Bar
And finally a non-bath product and the reason for this post! I love Lush shampoo bars and I'm sad that this one is discontinued! If you're looking for a new shampoo and haven't tried solid shampoo before, definitely give it a try!


  1. Nooo why have they discontinued the Karma Komba shampoo bar!? I loved that one!

    1. I know, it was my favourite :( Trying one of the new ones now, hopefully it's as good!


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