Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Starting your own Scrapbook Journal

If you're unsure what a scrapbook journal is, be sure to check out my previous post by clicking HERE

You will need:
A journal or notebook. I prefer to use wire-bound ones for this as they let the pages move apart when you make them thicker by sticking things in (normal books can break their spines). (PS this one, along with the one in my previous post, comes from CNA. I like that one side of the pages is lined while the reverse is blank, best of both worlds!)
A pen or few to do your actual journal-writing with.
Glue. For normal/thin paper, I find ordinary glue stick works best. For thick card, I either use a wet glue or double-sided tape.

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

Then of course, it's time for your little bits and pieces that you want to stick in. Photos are always great - and you can print them on your normal printer, they don't have to be done on proper photo paper. I often print my daily photos by putting them in a word document, fixing the size to a certain width (normally between 8 - 10 cm) and then printing the page and cutting them out. I always hang on to letters or cards, so I add those to my journal as well. Memorabilia such as ticket stubs or restaurant receipts are also great things to add next to an account of the event.

If you want, you can also add a little bit of embellishment with alphabet stickers, washi tape, die-cuts and so on.

diy smashbook scrapbook journal embellishments photos memorabilia

Finally, I like to add a pop of colour to my journal with coloured paper. Scrapbooking paper is a weakness of mine, and I particularly like the sheets that you can cut into A5 or A6 cards - they're a great way to add a fun feature to a page of normal journalling when you don't have any photos, etc from that day.

diy smashbook scrapbook journal paper

When buying patterned scrapbooking paper (normally sold as 30cm squares), I typically cut the sheet down into 5 or 6 smaller pieces, some to use as full-paper backgrounds, some as smaller accent pieces. This allows me to (1) get better value for money and (2) be able to store the large sheets easier. Here's an example:

A little something I like to add to my journal is an envelope at the back. It can be pretty or plain, but importantly it allows me to store little bits on the go and keep them safe. I also normally keep a few bits of coloured paper and embellishments in here, in case I feel like putting together a page when I'm out and about.

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

Finally, if you - like me - are a fan of being able to write in your journal when you're on the go, having a small kit in your handbag is handy. I use a small makeup bag and keep a few essentials in it. Pens, scissors, glue and washi tape are very useful for basic on-the-go work. I also keep a pencil and ruler with me, to mark out spaces where I want to stick in a photo later.

diy smashbook scrapbook journal kit on the go


  1. Love this! I've done something a tiny bit similar with my everyday diary, pretty stickers and washi tape etc.
    Looks fab!

    Cassidy xXx

  2. Love the envelope part - I've never thought about that. Don't you have an urge to grab every color you have with you? I have that - my small bag isn't that small :D


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