Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Life Update

I can’t believe we’re already in the middle of April, it’s surreal. Time just keeps marching on and I’m not ready for it! It’s been a bit quieter around here this year because I sadly haven’t had much time to blog and to keep up with the blogging world.

On the positive side, I’m so excited that I’m reaching the end of my experimental work for my PhD! Not quite finished yet, but my work is finally coming together and making a “story”, now just to round it off. It feels very odd being here, when I consider that 18 months ago my depression was so bad I was very seriously considering dropping out! 

I’m so glad I stuck it out, got help and could move forward! I’ve had to add an extra year to my studies, which is adding a whole new level of difficulty to life because I haven’t got funding (bursary/scholarship) anymore and so I’ve had to completely destroy my “post-graduation travel fund” savings account as well as having to borrow a lot of money to be able to keep paying my rent and being able to eat at least once a day. 

But overall, I’m excited. Soon I’ll be starting to write up my doctoral thesis and then the real challenge comes – what to do with my life after graduation? 


  1. All the best going forward!

  2. The end is in sight! Keep on, keeping on - it's definitely going to be worth it :-)


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