Thursday, 28 April 2016

Navy and Nude Nails

rimmel 60 second nail polish 830 royal so and so 513 let's get nude iolite ring

On my nails this week are these two gorgeous Rimmel 60 Seconds polishes*. The royal blue shade is 830 Royal So and So (doesn't it match my iolite ring just perfectly?!). The nude is 513 Let's Get Nude, which I used on my ring finger as almost a reverse accent nail.

This range of polishes and me go way way back. (Want proof? Check out this uber-old blog post with embarrassingly bad photos from when my blog was brand new and I owned 9 nail polish bottles, not 200+!) As always, the formula is lovely and smooth and it dries beautifully quickly - once you've painted all 10 fingers, the first are already dry for their second coat. 

I painted my left hand with top coat for a glossy finish but left my right hand without to test longevity and am pleasantly surprised. It's now day 5 of wearing this polish and my left hand still looks as new, but even better is that while my right hand does show some tip wear, I still don't have a single chip (and being a chemist, I am tough on my nails.) So 5/5 for these lovelies!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Nature's Carnival Simply Seductive Range - Review + Giveaway

Recently I've been trying out a range of products from Nature's Carnival, a brand that is now available for purchase through retailers like They have a wide selection of products with a lovely variety of scent ranges so there really is something for everyone. I've been using the "Simply Seductive" range.

The Simply Seductive scent is a lovely blend of Italian Bergamot, Rare Camellias, Exotic Sandalwood, and Vetiver. The result is a smooth, sultry scent that isn't overpowering.

The Body Butter is thick and rich, but somehow still also light and non-oily. Enriched with shea and jojoba butters, along with conditioning oat, rice and soybean oils, it's perfect for nourishing really dry skin. 

The Shower Gel lathers up nicely and contains moisturizing aloe vera and nourishing oils, so it cleanses without drying out your skin.

The Body Scrub is nice and "scrubby" without being harsh or abrasive. Exfoliating granules combined with soothing aloe and moisturizing Jojoba and Almond oils leave skin feeling soft, nourished and completely pampered. 

The Triple Moisture Body Cream is a perfect all-round body moisturiser. With avocado and sweet almond oils, this body cream has been formulated to soften even the driest skin. The ultra-nourishing non-greasy formula with oat extracts and aloe deeply conditions while delivering longer-lasting moisture, ultimately maintaining a healthy radiance while leaving skin beautifully fragrant.

Now for the fun part. Not one, but TWO Whimsy Is Forever readers will win a gift bag of Nature's Carnival goodies, including a body scrub, shower gel, body butter, body cream and a gragranced body mist spray (all full size versions).

To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below. 

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Free Fall'in With Zando

Cooler days are coming, and as I've blogged previously, Autumn is my favourite season! The changing colours, the falling leaves, the chilly evenings - I love it all!

This season invites you to celebrate your fashion individuality - with a pinch of off-the-runway panache! Autumn Winter 16’s sheer fashion variation has a little something for everyone, leaving nothing to be desired. Taking inspiration from global street style and the compelling runways of Paris, London and New York, the Zando AW16 Utopia Collection explores a fierce yet classic approach to seasonal transition. With a strong emphasis on spiced hues and faux fur with a seasonal velvet touch – textures run dense and layered. The Free Fall'in Collection for women has three key categories: Dark Romance, Folksy and Borrowed from the Boys. This means there is something for everyone! The menswear collection is also amazing, so definitely check it out!

 Of course, the collection that immediately drew my eye was the "Dark Romance" collection. (This is basically what most of my winter wardrobe looks like!) It blends chic and sultry, lace with leather, black with intense navy and marsala pops of colour.  I'm really liking the selection of dresses and high waisted skirts - they're all so gorgeous and feminine! (especially since I'm on my jeans-are-boring mission and have still worn a dress every day this year so far!) This look really lends itself to laying different textures, which is a key trend this season (and as any Cape Town girl can tell you - layers are an Autumn must!). Be sure to finish off your look with some bold lip colour and neatly filled in brows. Here are a few of my favourite picks!

About Zando
As winners of the Best Customer Service Award 2014, the Best Shopping Process Award 2014 and as runners up for the Best eCommerce Store Award in 2015, we at Zando strive for business excellence.

Zando is the ultimate online shopping portal that offers fashion, home and beauty all under one virtual roof.

Zando takes the latest high fashion runway trends and sources
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Shop Zando Here:

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Life Update

I can’t believe we’re already in the middle of April, it’s surreal. Time just keeps marching on and I’m not ready for it! It’s been a bit quieter around here this year because I sadly haven’t had much time to blog and to keep up with the blogging world.

On the positive side, I’m so excited that I’m reaching the end of my experimental work for my PhD! Not quite finished yet, but my work is finally coming together and making a “story”, now just to round it off. It feels very odd being here, when I consider that 18 months ago my depression was so bad I was very seriously considering dropping out! 

I’m so glad I stuck it out, got help and could move forward! I’ve had to add an extra year to my studies, which is adding a whole new level of difficulty to life because I haven’t got funding (bursary/scholarship) anymore and so I’ve had to completely destroy my “post-graduation travel fund” savings account as well as having to borrow a lot of money to be able to keep paying my rent and being able to eat at least once a day. 

But overall, I’m excited. Soon I’ll be starting to write up my doctoral thesis and then the real challenge comes – what to do with my life after graduation? 

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Starting your own Scrapbook Journal

If you're unsure what a scrapbook journal is, be sure to check out my previous post by clicking HERE

You will need:
A journal or notebook. I prefer to use wire-bound ones for this as they let the pages move apart when you make them thicker by sticking things in (normal books can break their spines). (PS this one, along with the one in my previous post, comes from CNA. I like that one side of the pages is lined while the reverse is blank, best of both worlds!)
A pen or few to do your actual journal-writing with.
Glue. For normal/thin paper, I find ordinary glue stick works best. For thick card, I either use a wet glue or double-sided tape.

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

Then of course, it's time for your little bits and pieces that you want to stick in. Photos are always great - and you can print them on your normal printer, they don't have to be done on proper photo paper. I often print my daily photos by putting them in a word document, fixing the size to a certain width (normally between 8 - 10 cm) and then printing the page and cutting them out. I always hang on to letters or cards, so I add those to my journal as well. Memorabilia such as ticket stubs or restaurant receipts are also great things to add next to an account of the event.

If you want, you can also add a little bit of embellishment with alphabet stickers, washi tape, die-cuts and so on.

diy smashbook scrapbook journal embellishments photos memorabilia

Finally, I like to add a pop of colour to my journal with coloured paper. Scrapbooking paper is a weakness of mine, and I particularly like the sheets that you can cut into A5 or A6 cards - they're a great way to add a fun feature to a page of normal journalling when you don't have any photos, etc from that day.

diy smashbook scrapbook journal paper

When buying patterned scrapbooking paper (normally sold as 30cm squares), I typically cut the sheet down into 5 or 6 smaller pieces, some to use as full-paper backgrounds, some as smaller accent pieces. This allows me to (1) get better value for money and (2) be able to store the large sheets easier. Here's an example:

A little something I like to add to my journal is an envelope at the back. It can be pretty or plain, but importantly it allows me to store little bits on the go and keep them safe. I also normally keep a few bits of coloured paper and embellishments in here, in case I feel like putting together a page when I'm out and about.

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

Finally, if you - like me - are a fan of being able to write in your journal when you're on the go, having a small kit in your handbag is handy. I use a small makeup bag and keep a few essentials in it. Pens, scissors, glue and washi tape are very useful for basic on-the-go work. I also keep a pencil and ruler with me, to mark out spaces where I want to stick in a photo later.

diy smashbook scrapbook journal kit on the go

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My "Scrapbook" Journal: An Overview

I love writing in my journal. I find the process itself calming and therapeutic. (And, a lot cheaper than actually going to therapy!) I also enjoy paging through old journals (of which I have piles and piles!) every now and then: both to reminisce, and to reflect on how I've grown. (The process also helps me identify patterns in my depression, which helps me deal with it.)

For the last few years, I found myself tucking in little bits and bobs into an envelope in the back of my journal (I used to use Typo Buffalo journals). Ticket stubs, receipts, the odd photo or letter. I'd never really tried my hand at "proper" scrapbooking, mostly because it takes far too much time and it can really get extraordinarily expensive! I was reminded about the journals I used to keep in high school. The ones where every little thing got glue-sticked in. Going back to the basics of scrapbooking - sticking all those little scraps in a book, plain and simple! So last year, in the middle of November, I did it.

Most of the things that get stuck in my journal are photos. Not the "important" ones that I make a point of getting printed properly so they can be framed or whatever. But the little ones. The daily snapshots. The ones that you are always taking, and then weeks later rediscover on your phone and can't quite remember why you took it. They all get printed (just on ordinary office paper on an ordinary office laser printer, one day I'd like to afford proper photo paper for this!) and stuck in. I add little bits of scrapbooking paper, small embellishments. I add the receipt from that fancy dinner, the screenshot of that whatsapp conversation that made me laugh, the business card my friend gave me. The odd post-it note. And I write, whether it's just a small caption about a photo, or pages of good old fashioned journal writing about everything that's on my mind.

These books are my life. The small details. The daily struggle. The little everyday things of beauty.

Obviously, a lot of what's in my journal contains personal information, either my own or others. So I've tried to photograph a selection of pages that I can show you, to give you an idea of what my journal looks like.

If you are interested in starting your own scrapbook journal, check out THIS blog post!

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal

diy smashbook scrapbook journal