Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Project Pan 53 - 68

If you've been around the blog world for a while, you probably have come across a Project Pan series or two before. (Previous posts can be found here.) For those who don't know what Project Pan is, this is what it is about: basically, you go on a no-buy or low-buy until you use up the things you already have. I'm sure everyone has experienced that point where your bathroom or vanity is overfull of half-empty products, and yet you keep on buying more. The idea behind Project Pan is to (a) finish using the products you already own (or, if you hate them, throw them out!) and (b) not buy products that you already have. So I will be repurchasing things I finish, or buying things that I still need, but no more wasting money on things I already have in my collection. Bonus: who doesn't find empties posts deeply satisfying on some level?

53. Cutex Moisturising Nail Polish Remover
Will I repurchase? Yes - after trying other brands of polish remover, I always end up going back to cheap-and-cheerful Cutex

54. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter (travel size)
Will I repurchase? Yes - I received this one as part of a gift but Shea is one of my all-time TBS faves.

55. Essence Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Gunmetal
Will I repurchase? Yes. Ignoring the "gel eyeliner" claims, this eyeliner has decent staying time even on waterlines and I quite enjoyed the gunmetal shade as a less intense option to black.

56. Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil in Black Fever
Will I repurchase? Yes - this is my all-time fave for lining upper waterlines. It lasts admirably well and has good pigmentation - and for less than R30!

57. Essence I ♥ Runway Highlighter
Will I repurchase? No. From an Essence range from long long ago, I picked this up on a whim as my first dip in the highlighting pool. Although it was mediocre, it did set me off on a strong love affair with highlighters!

58. Woolworths Dipliner in Charcoal
Will I repurchase? Maybe. This was one of my all-time faves, I think this must be at least my 5th or 6th tube. Again, I love using charcoal grey instead of black. However, from wearing liquid liner every single day, I'm now struggling to remember when last I used this and sadly the remaining product has dried up. If I ever decide to go back, though...

59. Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation in Ivory
Will I repurchase? Absolutely. A great foundation with good coverage and staying power that feels very comfortable on my skin, and for a decent price as well. The lightest shade, Ivory, matches my skin tone well without being too dark or too orange/pink.

60. Revlon New Complexion Oil Control Foundation in Buff
Will I repurchase? No, because my skin's needs have changed (no longer crazy oily, yay!).

61. Essence Lash and Brow Gel
Will I repurchase? Maybe, if I find I need a brow gel again. At the moment, my brows are a lot more groomed and frankly, I'm too lazy for brow gel every day. This one has gone a little skanky from brow powder so I've decided to chuck it as I haven't used it in months.

62. Avon Mega Effects Mascara
Will I repurchase? No. This mascara was a fun gimick but not an essential. And I'd much rather buy mascara when I pop into Clicks than bother with ordering from Avon.

63. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner
Will I repurchase? Yes, I'm always happy with Dove's conditioners.

64. Matrix Biolage KeritinDose Conditioner
Will I repurchase? No. It was an excellent conditioner, but is priced out of my current budget.

65. Dove Colour Radiance Daily Treatment Conditioner
Will I repurchase? Yes. In fact, this one I have already repurchased as a replacement.

(Clearly, I go through conditioner a lot faster than shampoo, haha!)

66. The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel (travel size)
Will I repurchase? Yes, the Moringa scent is just heavenly!

67. Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellar Water
Will I repurchase? No, not for a while. I love this product so much, but the Garnier alternative is about 90% as good for a fraction of the price so I'll be sticking with that for now.

68. Woolworths Honey Vanilla Hand Wash
Will I repurchase? Maybe. This hand wash has a very pleasant scent and the large bottle lasted for ages, so it's pretty good value for money.

Ok, phew! That was a lot! I'm pleased to see that I've past the two-thirds mark of my goal to pan 100 products in a year. Let's see if I can get there by May!

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