Thursday, 25 February 2016

Birthday wishes

 I'm partly in denial because I don't want to be getting older, but next week is my birthday. I'm not doing a big celebration at all, just grabbing drinks after work with some friends at our favourite hangout. I'm not expecting any gifts apart from my immediate family but nevertheless, here are some things that are currently on my wishlist - I think I may end up spoiling myself with a few gifts-to-me!

1. More Real Techniques makeup brushes to fuel my obsession here and here
2. Moroccanoil Light Oil Treatment to replace my haircare favourite here
3. Cindy-Lou Manizer because a bit of glow never goes amiss here
4. Coloured eyeliner for when your makeup needs that little pop here
5. Intergalactic and Frozen bath ballistics from Lush because hello beautiful here and here

6. Classic ghd styler to make my long hair a little sleeker here
7. Navy satin pillowcase for a bit of extra pampering here
8. Elegant red wine glasses that will always be well loved here
9. Candles for the approaching autumnal evenings here and here
10. A chef's knife to make preparing supper a breeze here


  1. I want everything on your wishlist too!! Haha :)

    1. Clearly you have very good taste, Claire ;) Haha!

  2. Everything on this list has now been added to my list ;) Great pics!!

    Loren |

    1. Thanks Loren :) (and sorry for being an enabler!)

  3. Please don't buy all of this for yourself. We would like to buy some of that for you! ;)

    1. Oh hey! *hint hint* *nudge nudge* *totally subtle*

  4. What an awesome list, and you're right, you're definitely an enabler! Lush Intergalactic is my all time favourite ballistic, you'll love it too. A lot of glitter like Golden Wonder.
    Investing in a decent chef's knife is one of the best things you can ever do for yourself. I took the plunge with a decent one five years ago, and (almost) not a day has gone by without me using it. I even cut cake with it, you won't regret it :) xx


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