Monday, 15 February 2016

Adventures in Crochet: Clothes for Tiny Humans

Some friends of mine welcomed an adorable brand new teeny tiny member to their family this weekend! As a baby shower present earlier this year, I decided to try my hand at some crocheted items for the baby-boy-to-be. Fair warning: you spend about as much time fawning over how cute teeeny tiny baby booties are as you actually spend crocheting. I've only ever crocheted flat things before (blankets, scarfs etc) so I thought I'd start with a baby beanie and some booties.

For the hat, I made a standard double crochet beanie. I used this sizing chart - the best one I've found online yet, with everything from preemie babies to adult sizes! Since babies tend to grow lightning fast, I decided to skip preemie/newborn sizes and go with the "2 week to 3 month" size instead. (It looks big because it's all flattened out, it's actually in proportion to the shoes.) The yarn I used was Vinnis Nikkim in Variegated Blues Mix. (I'm a huge fan of Vinnis Nikkim 100% cotton yarn - it's just so soft and beautiful!)

The baby booties were a tad more challenging - I think I made about 6 booties before I had a pair I was happy with! These little slippers are also aimed at a 0-3 month size.  After searching for ages on Ravelry, I finally decided on this pattern- simple clean lines(who is still making old fashioned frilly things and putting them on the internet? why people, why?), a slipper/sock style rather than an ankle boot (more suitable for summer/autumn) and within my skill limits! Because I was making them for a boy, I just didn't make the little flower embellishments. These I made using Vinni's Nikkim in Dark Blue.


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