Monday, 11 January 2016

Towards 2016 and some changes

2016 - how did we get here?

This year is going to be filled with challenges for me. Priority number one for the next few months is to finish my PhD, first completing the last of my research and then writing my dissertation. It's going to be the hardest I've ever had to work in my life and all I can do is hope that I come out the other end in more or less one piece.

An additional challenge presented itself because my funding was not renewed for 2016. What that comes down to is that unlike the last five years in the lab, for the next year, I will be working full time for no pay. So every Rand I have in savings or can otherwise beg, borrow or steal will be going towards essentials like rent and food. (Big shout out of gratitude towards my amazing parents for both their emotional and financial support towards me taking on any academic challenge I set myself!) So I have to make some serious budgeting cuts. No more frivolous makeup purchases. Being more economical when I cook. No spur-of-the-moment going out for drinks after a long day at work. No retail therapy. Making do with what I have -because what I have is enough. As such, expect more than one blog post about living on a shoestring budget - and feel free to send your cost-cutting tips my way!

Regardless of the challenges, I'm really excited for 2016 and what it has in store!