Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Adventures in Cherry Picking

This weekend we once again went on a roadtrip to Klondyke Cherry Farm to pick our weight in cherries for the festive season! If you haven't gone before, I can definitely recommend it - we've been going since I was a child. It was about a 2 hour drive from Cape Town to the farm, so make a day out of it and pack a picnic lunch! You can find out more details (incl costs) over here. Between my parents and myself, we got about 7 kg of cherries, and my two friends picked about that much between themselves as well - it's definitely going to be a cherry-flavoured Christmas! Here are a few snapshots from our day out.

Driving through beautiful wheat fields outside of town

Rocky outcrops and Cape fold mountains

Finding the perfect picnic spots under the shade of some giant pines

Cherry trees almost unable to support the weight of their abundant fruit

Cherry pickers in action

Sun + cherries + fresh air = one happy cherry picker

The first half of our haul!

Returning home through beautiful mountain passes


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    1. They are SO sweet and juicy! Nothing like freshly picked fruit!


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