Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sorbet turns 10!

This year, South Africa’s largest and much-loved beauty salon, Sorbet, turns the big TEN-OH. From the 30th of September until the 10th of October, Sorbet will be celebraTEN a decade of highlights with ten days of Sorbet-licious social media giveaways – and on the 10th of the 10th, everything in store – products included – will be 10% off! Yes, we know… it’s even better than cake: it’s Sorbet! 

The story begins in 2005 when his massage therapist convinced Ian Fuhr that South Africa was in desperate need of a branded beauty chain. With the only Brazilians he knew of being the ones who live in Brazil, the entrepreneur acknowledged he had neither the face nor the knowhow for beauty – but he was willing to give it a swirl. Ten years on and it just goes to show where scoopfuls of love, passion and perseverance can take you: into 137 stores across SA and, in August this year, “straight outta London” with the launch of the first Sorbet UK.
In addition to going “glow”bal, Sorbet scores 10/10 for being a family-run business with a lot of heart. It’s why Sorbet CEO Fuhr refers to working side-by-side his three children and niece as the most priceless part of his entrepreneurial journey. And by helping people “get that feeling” - sitting at the core of everything Sorbet - Fuhr says, “Our success is measured on the contribution we make to other peoples’ lives and, on that score, Sorbet has been hugely successful.”
With over 1200 staff, 120 franchisees, 230 000 loyalty members and even more passionate Sorbies who come “home” to Sorbet seven days a week, it truly is a family affair. And the love doesn’t stop there: through the sale of SEW bracelets, Sorbet is committed to empowering previously disadvantaged women – by turning their dreams of becoming beauticians or nail technicians into bonafide realities.
From humble beginnings in Bedfordview, Sorbet’s journey since 2005 has been a whirlwind ride. After surviving a few dark days in getting the business off the ground, Sorbet started expanding, opening stores in Cape Town and Durban. The group also partnered with Clicks in 2011 and launched its own branded Body & Bath range. In 2012, following the success of Sorbet Nails, Sorbet Dry Bars launched: offering guests the beauty of a quick, in-and-out, no-mess-no-fuss blowout. And in 2014, Sorbet widened its offerings through two new divisions – Sorbet Man and Candi & Co – and celebrated its 100th store opening! Today, in addition to UK expansion plans, sights set on Dubai and a goal to open 500 stores in five years, Sorbet’s future is fabulously bright.
Here’s to hitting double digits and beyond: let’s pop some bubbles and get celebraTEN!

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