Monday, 26 October 2015

Sampar Skincare

Sampar is a relatively new-to-SA brand that hails from beautiful Paris! Their motto is that "Beauty cannot wait" so their products aim to provide immediate visible results, paired with long term clinically proven efficiency. Currently, Sampar products are available for purchase in selected Woolworths and Edgars stores. I was sent a few goodies to try out! First up, I have to say I like the packaging. The soft pink adds just the right amount of femininity to the sleek, minimalist design.

sampar first hand cream, 3 day weekend, crazy cream tan

L-R:  First Hand Cream*, 3 Day Weekend*, Crazy Cream in Tan*

I haven't been using the First Hand Cream myself as I have a mountain of hand creams I'm already trying to use up, but when I saw that this product aims to fight aging by plumping skin, diminishing wrinkles and reducing the appearance of pigmentation marks I decided to give it to my mom to try. It's still too soon to see if it lives up to those claims but so far she's enjoying using it daily. 

3 Day Weekend is a daily moisturizer that aims to provide intense moisturization while stimulating the skin's melanin production to give the appearance of a tan without the need for sun. That means that, while it itself will not add any colour or self-tan to your skin, your skin will produce more melanin (the pigment that gives skin its colour). Now I haven't seen anything up with that second claim, but I have very fair skin that struggles to tan so my melanin production is next to zero - so if you have skin that does tan easily you may find that with daily use you notice a difference. What I can say is that this product has a lovely light gel-like texture that sinks easily in the skin and provides a nice level of moisture for my combination skin.

Surprisingly (to me, that is!) the item I've fallen in love with is Crazy Cream. This product is a tinted moisturizer comes in two shades, Nude and Tan, and when I saw that I'd been sent Tan, I immediately thought I'd have to give it to a friend with a, well, less ghostly skintone. Luckily, I decided to swatch it and was pleasantly surprised. When I first started blending the product in my skin, it looked hopelessly too dark but as I kept blending, it just melted into my skin. The end result? My skin, just more even and with the same gentle tanned glow that I have after a summer in the sun! This cream is very lightweight and just feels lovely on the skin. It blends like a charm but can be layered up, so first start with one tiny pump and blend that into the skin before deciding if you need more. I'm looking forward to using this instead of foundation (or even BB/CC creams) on hot summer days! 

sampar crazy cream in tan swatch

Just to give you a better idea of what Crazy Cream looks like on the skin, I applied three pumps along my arm. The right-most pump is as-is and shows the white-based cream with small pigment dots. The middle pump I started to blend, and you can see the cream changing colour. Finally on the left I blended the pump all the way out, and you can clearly see the change to my skintone without any shininess or chalkiness.

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