Friday, 9 October 2015

Five Things

My Real Techniques brushes addiction continues! I picked up the Stippling Brush on a whim and I'm already in love - it just helps give your makeup that final touch to take it "above and beyond" in terms of a flawless finish.

As I've been steadily dyeing my hair darker, I've been on the lookout for new brow products to make sure they match. This weekend I picked up this newbie from Catrice. The felt tip is firm but flexible, which gives you the right amount of control, and the super fine tip means that you can delicately draw on strokes to give the illusion of brow hairs in sparse spots.

How pretty is this shade? I don't often pick up things from the essence trend editions because either they are immediately sold out at my local Clicks or I find them too juvenile, but when I saw "Oh Captain, My Captain"? I just had to get it! (And good thing to because it was the last one on the shelf!) It's a beautiful periwinkle blue. The formula is a bit streaky at first but it evens out on the second coat. 

I guess you know you're getting old when trends you participated in the first time around start coming back, huh? Ok, admittedly, I never actually had one of these chokers back in the day but I remember wanting one so badly, they were just so cool! (And I, clearly, was not!)

And last, but not least:

I am LOVING my hair after my most recent trip to Style Bar! The dark chocolate colour is just so so so perfect, and my hair is just so shiny and healthy! (How shiny? Check out this photo!) Thanks to the team at Style Bar Tygervalley once again (esp for having to deal with my stupid hair that likes to form insane knots if you so much as look at it weird!).


  1. I had one of those chokers back in the day. Mine had black beads on it. Glad to see you blogging regularly agains!


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