Friday, 23 October 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Invisibobbles

If you don't know already, I'm a MAJOR fan of Invisibobbles. I have them in all sorts of colours and haven't used a conventional hairtie for a ponytail or bun since I bought my first box. They don't leave me with a headache and that's because their unusual design means that the hair is gripped evenly without any pulling. I have to tie my hair up in order to work in the lab, so that means I get daily use of of my Invisibobbles.I've had some of my Invisibobbles for about 18 months and while they have stretched a bit, not one has broken or snapped on me. As a result, I keep a stash of these hairties everywhere - bedroom, bathroom, handbag, work desk, yoga bag, you name it, I've got an Invisibobble stashed there just in case I decide to put my hair up! These bands normally retail for R80 for a box of 3. (But keep an eye out for sales by online retailers - I got several boxes for 50% off via Takealot.)

Today I'm sharing with you a limited edition Invisibobble set that you can buy. Of course, being October, it's the time where we all make a focused effort to raise awareness of breast cancer and the important of early detection for survival rates, as well as raising money for research and healthcare efforts. Invisibobble is raising funds for such a charity effort through the sale of these special edition bands.
The bands are a pretty transparent pale pink, with a pink "ribbon" winding its way through the band. 
These special edition Invisibobbles will be available from selected salons.

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