Monday, 14 September 2015

NOTD: Spring is in the air

Everytime I do a floral mani I can't help thinking:

But anyway, it's Spring, the weather is warming up and I felt like painting some roses on my fingertips!

The base colour on my nails is "pure soul" from the essence nude collection. I ♥ this polish so freaking much! It's a sheer, pretty, slightly sparkly, very light nude and it's a polish I've been reaching for a lot lately.

For the roses, I used essence colour & go polishes. I first used a large dotting tool and "english rose" to make some irregular shapes over my nails. (I varied the size based on the size of the nail to be more in proportion.) I then took a smaller dotting tool (btw I use the essence double-ended dotting tool, definitely worth getting it!) and "be berry now" to draw in some petal detail. Finally, I used a very small paintbrush (basically I just bought a few brushes from PNA, the smallest ones I could find) and "the green and the grunge" to paint on some leaves.

And that's it! It's actually quite simple, just do your nails whilst you are watching series or something so that you don't mind waiting inbetween colours for the polish to dry! 


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