Monday, 25 May 2015

Project Pan 1 - 10

If you've been around the blog world for a while, you probably have come across a Project Pan series or two before. For those who don't know what Project Pan is, this is what it is about: basically, you go on a no-buy or low-buy until you use up the things you already have. I'm sure everyone has experienced that point where your bathroom or vanity is overfull of half-empty products, and yet you keep on buying more. The idea behind Project Pan is to (a) finish using the products you already own (or, if you hate them, throw them out!) and (b) not buy products that you already have. So I will be repurchasing things I finish, or buying things that I still need, but no more wasting money on things I already have in my collection. Bonus: who doesn't find empties posts deeply satisfying on some level?

Here are the first 10 items on my Project Pan. (Some of these I had already repurchased before I started thinking about doing a Project Pan, but future installments of this series won't necessarily have this many repurchases.)

1.  REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask
A cult favourite, this mask helps remove dead, dull skin to reveal a more radiant you. I absolutely LOVE this product - it's expensive but so so so worth it! Bonus, the airtight pump packaging means that not only does your product not oxidise, but you also get every single drop out!
Will I repurchase? Yes - I bought a new one the week mine finished.

2. Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Water
My review of this product can be found here.
Will I repurchase? Yes - this is one product that I will keep in my skincare routine.

3. Batiste Dry Shampoo in Tropical
Now that my hair is long, it's far too much effort to wash it every day. Dry shampoo is fantastic for helping get an extra day of clean hair, and is also great for adding volume to freshly washed hair. The Bastiste dry shampoos, in my experience, are the best in their price range of those readily available in South Africa. I love the coconutty scent of this one - immediately makes me think of summer!
Will I repurchase? Yes, but only one at a time, no more buying every scent of the shelf at once.

4. Rain Biologie Manketti and Star Flower Body Scrub*
I loved this soft scrub - plus the scent is amazing and the oils are lovely and moisturizing. I tend to get keratosis pilaris on my upper arms and I find using a body scrub twice a week helps keep my skin smooth.
Will I repurchase? Yes, but only once I have finished using the remaining scrubs in my collection.

5. The Body Shop Almond Shower Gel
Who hasn't got a TBS shower gel or three at home? This almond-scented goodie had a lovely smell and lathered just enough to work without drying out my skin.
Will I repurchase? Yes, but only once I have finished using the remaining products in my collection.

6. Hey Gorgeous Chai Latte Body Scrub*
Another great smelling body scrub! (Hey Gorgeous has a wide variety of edible-sounding body scrubs.) This one was nice and exfoliating, although it wasn't quite as moisturizing as the Rain one.
Will I repurchase? Probably not, I personally preferred the Rain scrub.

7. Garnier Ambre Solair Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+
This sunscreen has great protection against both UVA and UVB. I used it throughout the summer. My only criticism is that it is a little heavy/greasy, so it didn't play well with makeup on really hot days. (But hey, on hot days, who wants to wear a full face?) It did seem to hold up quite well on pool days though without need for frequent reapplication, I didn't burn my face once this summer (despite the fact that my skin tends to burn if I even think of going in the sun.
Will I repurchase? Maybe. I'll be using a different sunscreen for the winter, but will consider repurchasing this one when summer comes around again.

8. Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Night Cream
My review of this product can be found here.
Will I repurchase? Yes, I actually already have another tub of this night cream that lives in my overnight bag.

9. Avon Youth Minerals Day Cream
A rather average day cream. Does the job but nothing out of the ordinary.
Will I repurchase? No, I'd rather just grab a Nivea moisturizer in Clicks that go to the effort of getting this one from Avon.

10. Lush Karma Komba Solid Shampoo
No picture for this one, as I used it absolutely completely up and there is no packagaing to photograph. You can read my thoughts on this product here.
Will I repurchase? Yes, I did before it was even finished. But first to finish the rest of the shampoos in my shower before I consider repurchasing this one again!

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