Thursday, 23 April 2015

Colouring In For Adults

There's a new craze sweeping the globe and it's got everyone reaching for their pencil bags! Adults all over the world are taking up one of our favourite childhood past-times, colouring in. Indeed, colouring books aimed at adults are selling like crazy. In a world where stress and deadlines are no stranger to us, it can be remarkably comforting to pick up a soothing, zen-like creative hobby, and the pen-and-paper aspect of colouring in also provides us with a much-needed break from staring at a screen all day.

My first re-introduction to colouring in was with this post from CupcakeMummy. I quickly downloaded and printed a copy of the page, grabbed my koki pens and slowly started filling the page with bright colours. This was the final object (it's now cheering up my desk at work!). [Pardon the bad lighting, these photos were taken at my desk!]

I've also done this mandala-style owl in very girly colours! (download the free printable here)

Now that I've caught the bug, I've been looking at actual colouring in books for adults. I was recently in PNA and saw this one on display, so I just had to get it! (It's also available in English - although the only difference is the cover. I've since seen it in several bookstores, both online and brick-and-mortar.) It has a mixture of bold geometric patterns with some more intricate designs (I'll post some pictures once I've coloured a few in.) I've also got my eye on a few of the Creative Haven Colouring books, also available on Takealot.


  1. I bought that exact book about a month ago.. My favourite thing to do before bed now!

  2. I've got the same colouring book, well, the English version! It just leapt in to my basket at the supermarket a year or two ago. I don't know what it is, but I find colouring in so theraputic and I've noticed a lot of other bloggers saying the same thing. :)


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