Friday, 6 March 2015

Yungskin - Energy science for enhanced beauty

Yungskin is a revolutionary, world first skincare product based on the principals of Homeopathy and Acupunture. Containing only the finest natural ingredients, Yungskin is infused and energized to dramatically improve one's skin tone. Also known as "Acupuncture in a jar", the application of Yungskin stimulates the Acupuncture points traditionally used for face lifting around the face-, eye- and neck areas without the needles or discomfort. Each jar is individually infused with energy by Yungskin inventor, Dr Philip Sherwin, to ensure precise care and procedures are taken. The current brand ambassador for Yungskin is Tasmin Montgomery, well known personality in the fitness, health and fashion industry, having won the Miss Fitness SA title 2 years running.

I was given the Yungskin Face Cream to try out, in both the Light and Rich varieties. The cream has been infused with energies representing the Acupuncture points around the face, neck and eyes. Special energies have also been added in order to command the skin to rejuvenate, tighten and glow. 

The Light Face Cream is suitable for women up to age 30 (or women with mature but sensitive skin) and all men. The cream has a light texture that is quickly absorbed by the skin, The cream contains plenty of natural essential oils that nourish the skin and provide a pleasant aroma. I have found it to be a lovely day cream during this hot month we've been having, as it provides enough moisture to my skin without weighing it down or clogging pores. The Rich Face Cream is suitable for more mature skin skins as it contains more natural essential oils, but can also be used as a night cream (which is how I've been trying it). This cream is indeed heavier and richer, but leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft. Both creams include a variety of natural ingredients known to be beneficial to skin.

Other products in the Yungskin range include an eye cream, neck cream, hand cream and foot balm. They also have an range of supplements to improve general wellbeing. 

Those in Western Cape can contact Yungskin agent Penny Loots for more information or to order products. She can be contacted on 082 445 1293, or emailed at Those elsewhere in SA can see here for more. The Face Cream is currently on special for R350 for 50ml (usually R395).

Whimsy is Forever does not promote homeopathy as a replacement for traditional medicine, however this review is provided to the benefit of readers who are interested in alternative healing.

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