Friday, 27 February 2015

Rubybox Review

Rubybox Surprise Box, R169 per month*

I recently was gifted a Rubybox to show you what's inside - in case you didn't know, Rubybox is a subscription beauty box that you receive every month with a few exciting goodies to try out. The Rubybox retails for R169 per month (with free delivery) and contains products to the value of R250, so if you like surprises and trying out new things, it's worth giving this box a try. You can sign up for a Rubybox Surprise Box (or just find out more information) over here. Not a big fan of surprises? Rubybox has you covered too! You can build your own box for R199 from a selection of goodies over here.

In my box were the following:

Natural Lab SPF30 Natural Face Cream
Rubybox: "This tinted day cream smells wonderful, protects from the harmful rays and dirt and leaves your skin looking radiant and even." (R199.95 for 50ml)
My skin is very pale, so I shied off trying this cream until I had gotten a teeny bit of a tan. Once I was no longer ghostly pale, this tinted cream (which has a pleasant citrus scent) blended seamlessly into my skin and gave my face a gorgeous glow. The SPF 30 is always a great feature in a day cream, and this cream is dermatologist approved for protection against both UVA and UVB. 

rubybox Super Seamless Foundation Brush
Rubybox: "Say goodbye to wastage and dirty fingers and helloooo to flawless application and seamless coverage, using minimal product." (R149.95)
This brush isn't something I would have picked for myself, since I now prefer large buffing brushes over traditional flat brushes for foundation application, but I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised. I still wouldn't replace my RT Expert Face Brush for this, but the Rubybox Foundation Brush did give me a smooth application. The bristles were soft and flexible, and the brush didn't soak up excess product. Something to try if you're looking for a budget-friendly brush in this category.

Africology Body Butter
Rubybox: "Made with 100% natural essential oils, this decadent cream has a calming aroma and leaves skin feeling pampered and soft." (R44.95 for 25ml)
I have never tried a body butter that is this thick and luxuriant! The essential oils give this product a calming herbal scent that might take some getting used to if you're not normally one for such scents. The butter left my skin soft and fully moisturized (even my legs after being shaved with a far-too-dulled razor, which is impressive).

Mavala Cuticle Remover
Rubybox: "Apply to the contour of the nail, leve for a minute, then remove excess cuticles to reveal healthy-looking nails." (R74.95 for 5ml)
I'm not a particular fan of Mavala packaging, but I have to say that their products work fantastically. This cuticle remover is no different, simply paint it on (using a normal polish brush applicator), leave for a minute and then wash off. (Warning: Don't leave cuticle removers on for longer than recommended, they are strong alkalis and can damage your skin/nails if left in contact for too long.)


  1. I honestly don't think these are worth the price tag anymore. Which is sad because for a short while the subscription box world in SA wasn't too bad. Love rubybox's online store though!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

    1. Have to agree with you! I purchased the Mystery Mix recently to see if it would be worth it to buy the more expensive monthly boxes, but I got such a large amount of crap that I am honestly not interested in purchasing their boxes again! I must say this particular box doesn't look too bad.



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