Friday, 5 December 2014

Christmas Nailart: Snowman

Earlier this week, I showed you how to freehand some snowflake nail art. Now it's time to look at the cutest, littlest snowman!

What you'll need:
A dotting tool, a piece of foil (or plastic) and a toothpick.
You'll need a background polish (here Boy Next Door by Essence), a white polish (Snow Me White by Sinful Colors, not pictured), a red polish (Fame Fatal), an orange polish (Flashy Pumpkin) and a black polish (Black is Back). I also recommend a quick drying top coat. An optional extra is an irridescent glitter topcoat (I used Crystal Shimmer by Accesorise).

Start off with your base colour, then seal it with your quick drying top coat (as discussed on the previous post). Use a large dotting tool and your white polish to create the body of your snowman - three white dots of decreasing size bottom to top. If your nails are shorter, you can just do two dots.

Using your black polish and a toothpick, give your snowman some coal eyes and a few buttons.

Now pick up just the teenyiest amount of orange polish and draw a carrot nose.

Using your red polish, give your snowman a nice woolly scarf.

Now, you can leave your snowman as is, or - if you've still got some extra space on your nail - you can use your black polish to give him a hat. If your nails are wider, you could use a brown polish to give him some twiggy arms.

After a few minutes, add your quick dry top coat to seal in your design. If you'd like, add some sparkle to represent the falling snow.


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