Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My first Style Bar Experience

Earlier this month, I got a chance to try out Style Bar for the first time. I was incredibly excited, as I was unfortunately unable to attend their big media event earlier this year. Style Bar has several salons across Cape Town, including one in Stellenbosch Square, but I made my appointment for the Tygervalley branch over a weekend that I was visiting my parents in the Northern Suburbs.

The first thing that draws you in when you step into Style Bar is how effortless chic it is. The decor is rather minimalistic, none of the crazy clutter that some salons have. Everything is monochrome with modern chrome and perspex finishes, and everything the stylists use is neatly packed away in elegant chests of drawers. I met my stylist, and we quickly discussed what to do with my hair. Unfortunately, I was rather boring, as I've been growing out my natural hair and embracing my natural colour (my first time without dye in 10 years, omg!), so all I needed was a cut to get off the unhealthy ends.

I made my way to the sinks to get my hair washed, and to my delight the wash was gentle and relaxing - my hair tangles and knots incredibly easily so I tend to stress when other people wash it. So far so good! I returned to my chair to find my cup of tea waiting for me and let my stylist work her magic! She was lovely and friendly, but still very professional. She cut my hair beautifully - working very precisely and perfectly, and checking in regularly to get feedback. With the cut done, I then chose to have my hair blowdried and curled - something I rarely do myself because I never have the time, so it was lovely to be spoiled a little! (My hair is naturally flat and dead straight, so I dream of pretty bouncy curls!)

Best of all, Style Bar uses only the best products when it comes to hair care! You can purchase products either in the salon, or online at RetailBox.co.za . The stylists are all undergo specialised training and can expertly guide you towards the best products for your hair type.

Thank you Style Bar for the lovely experience!

Disclaimer: Services were provided to Whimsy Is Forever as part of a media trade exchange. All opinions are my own. 


  1. It looks and sounds like it was a lovely experience. It's cool that retail box is involved. Loved their latest secret box ;)

    Lindsey | Ping and Ting


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