Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Some more Lush goodies!

Possibly my new favourite bath bomb! This offering from Lush smells amazing - the main fragrance ingredient is bergamot oil.  It also turns the water bright purple (but don't worry, didn't stain either my white plastic tub or my freakishly pale skin). I used the whole thing at once (YOLO) but you could easily cut this into pieces and use over several baths. There are no fancy bells or whistles, but it's an overall great ballistic. (Also yes, I am that person that you know who takes her phone with her into the bath so that she can Instagram the experience. Steam makes the photos a little fuzzy, my apologies.)

The Comforter Bubble Bar - R54.50 for a 200g bar

My new favourite for bubble baths! I used a quarter for the above bath, used the handheld shower head to agitate the water, and the amount of foam was insane (there was still left once I drained the tub!) - next time I'll use an eighth!  The bubbles are soft, gently fragranced and long lasting. The water changes a little bit pink-purple, and the cassis fragrance is heavenly! Lush Bubble Bars are definitely good value for money - you can easily get up to 8 luxurious baths out of this bar!

Yes, that is gold dust you see shimmering on the surface of the water! This ballistic is very entertaining to watch as you drop it into the water, with some hidden surprises coming out as it dissolves! (Popping candy included!) Unfortunately mine took a fall when I got home, so it wasn't as pretty to look at when it dissolved, but once it had all settled it was as per usual. The fragrance is quite citrusy, with lemon and bergamot oils. The water ultimately becomes a golden orange colour with a small amount of froth produced. A great one to try if you're looking for something fun!

Have you tried any of these Lush products? What are your thoughts?

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