Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Facial Day and Night Cream

Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Facial Day and Night Cream - approx R189 each from Clicks

I've been using this day and night cream pair for about three months now and I've loving them! They have very little fragrance (just a hint of the classic Nivea scent) which is always a bonus for sensitive facial skin. Both creams are lovely and moisturising (thanks to hyaluronic acid), sink into the skin very quickly, are non-oily and leave my skin smooth and soft. This range is a little more expensive than the normal Nivea products, but still very budget friendly! (Bonus: A little goes a long way - I've been using these tubs for ages and I'm not even halfway through yet.)

The day cream is very light but still moisturises all my dry spots away. It has an SPF of 15, which isn't very high but I always put on a dedicated sunscreen cream anyway so it's not important to me. 
The night cream is richer and heavier, but never makes the oilier parts of my combination skin flare up. It's a pleasure to wear and has become my favourite part of my evening skincare routine. (An extra heads up - it's even good in the morning. Cleansing with The Body Shop's Cleansing Butter and then moisturising with this night cream is a great way to make morning-after, hungover skin feel back to normal!) (*cough* Not that I at all do this on a semi-regular basis *cough*)

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