Thursday, 29 May 2014

NOTD - Sparkly Mermaid Nails

Ok, not technically a "NOTD" because I'm not wearing this polish at the moment, I wore it last week and somehow haven't shared it's gorgeousness on the blog yet (I did go a bit nuts on Instagram though...).

"party in a bottle" effect nail polish by essence*

This polish has stacks of turquoise glitter in a clear base, and can be worn as a thin layer over another colour, or - as I chose - layered up until you are mesmerised by shininess! I did start with a base colour that was a similar turquoise so that I didn't have to do too many coats of glitter.

One of my fav things about glittery polishes? It's super easy to extend the longevity. Tip wear or small chip? Just dot on some more glitter and no-one will be able to notice it's a touch-up job. Case in point, my nails over a week later (maybe 8 or 9 days?). Some tip wear starting to appear again, but not bad, right? (Considering I didn't put any topcoat over this mani.)

What do you think? Are you a fan of glittery polishes or do you prefer your nails to be more classic?


  1. So0o0o0 pretty :D The perfect amount of sparkle and colour!

  2. Love it - it's so sparkly and fun! I would definitely wear this around Christmas :)

  3. I love these. I can't believe how glittery they are :)

  4. Wow, very glittery and striking. Love it. xo

  5. Looks amazing!!!! I must pick this up. my rubber arm and all that. ;)


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