Monday, 12 May 2014

Disappointing Products

I normally only post reviews of products I like (or, in the case of my most recent Lush post, ones that had disastrous but comedic outcomes), so I figure, for the sake of balance, it's time to feature some products that didn't knock my socks off.

1. Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush
I love my Real Techniques brushes, but this one I just cannot get to work for me. I find the bristles spikey and scratchy (which is especially weird because all the others are so soft?), and my foundation never gets a good finish when using this brush. It's just too narrow and pointy to do much. Right now, all I use it for is under-eye concealer. (Side note: if you would like to see a post about my favourite RT brushes, leave a comment!)

2. Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm in Quenched
I put off buying one of these for ages because of the hype. I eventually picked this up one day in Clicks because my normal lip balm had finished, and I figured I might as well give it a try. Out of all the varieties, I chose Quenched because it seemed the most promising. However: It completely failed to impress me, as it does not hydrate at all beyond the initial five minutes on your lips. Out of curiosity, I continued to reapply this lip balm as needed, and a few hours later, my lips weren't just dehydrated, they actually had blistered. I only held onto this product long enough to photograph it for this post, and then it went into the bin. Sorry to all the Baby Lips fangirls, but this one was not for me.

3. Essence Gel-Look Topcoat
I know, we're finally at an essence polish I don't love! This topcoat does nothing for me: it takes forever to dry (and even then, I often still wake up the next morning with sheet-print), it doesn't prevent chipping and (except for maybe the first two uses?) I get awful bubbling (you can see this in this mani). This one has been downgraded to stopping stocking ladders and sealing cheap jewelry.

4. Woolworths Volume Waterproof Mascara
It took me a while to figure out what it was about this mascara, but once I nailed it, I stopped using it - it was totally incompatible with my contact lenses. Every time I wore this mascara, teeny bits would flake off and sit on my lenses, fuzzing my vision to the point I had to excuse myself from work to go home and swap them out for my glasses. (It took me a while to pinpoint the problem, as it was particularly windy at the time and I initally thought I was just getting dust blown at me). It was weird because it was the first mascara that I'd ever had a problem like this with (and I almost exclusively wear waterproof formulas).

5. John Frieda Volume Refresher Spray
The idea behind this product is to refresh and lift lifeless fine hair, like a dry shampoo would. I thought this would work well on my hair, as it is fine, straight and prone to falling flat and lifeless.. Sadly, it did nothing for my hair, even on same-day hair, let alone second-day hair. For now, I'll be sticking to my Batiste.


  1. I love these honest posts. Thanx Laura Jane. :)

  2. I love knowing what others love but I also love knowing what people didn't like!! So please do keep these types of blogs coming :-)

    Yes please discuss your RT brushes and where we can get them from. Always on the hunt for good brushes that don't cost the earth like Sigma brushes.

    Have to agree with the Essence Topcoat. I absolutely loath it and recently chucked mine out after only 2 uses. I don't have space or patience for bad nail products :-)

    1. Thanks, will keep these kinds of posts in mind!
      Ok great, I'll start planning a RT post :)

  3. I totally agree with the Baby Lips. It's not THAT amazing. The packaging is cute and I like the fact that the Cherry Me Baby Lips has a nice tint to it, but other than that my eos is the best for dry lips that needs some tlc.

    The John Frieda volume refresher spray left my hair looking like I tried sniffing crack cocaine with my hair. I tried every way possible to not get residue but eh, nothing worked. I like the scent of it, though. It smells really nice!

    Great post, Laura!

    Naeemah | The Jam Jar

    1. I still need to try the eos balms, nice to hear that they are good for dry lips. And the cocaine hair is the best thing I have read all day, lol! I agree, it does have a nice scent.

  4. Great post. Love the honesty! :) Ps Thanks for recommending the Sally Hansen top coat... love it!

  5. Love this honest post as I often see what the bloggers are using/recommending and I feel cheated when I don't experience the same thing haha.
    I recently bought baby lips in light of all the hype and don't think it is nourishing. It leaves your lips feeling smooth when you put it on and doesn't have the lasting effect I desire.
    The essence top coat - love the way your nails look when you put it on and yes, I agree, it does take long to dry and chips way to easily.

  6. I also really love these types of posts. I feel exactly the same re the Essence topcoat. I now use mine to make decals with because I generally leave them overnight to dry anyway and at least it's good for something.


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