Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Want to win R2500 to spend at Mr Price?

It should come as no surprise that I love shopping at Mr Price. I love how they continually have on-point, trendy clothing at super affordable prices - perfect for trying out all the newest trends without having to spend a fortune on something that may only be "in" for a season. As a student on a limited budget, I'm also nuts about how I can buy a full outfit, accessories included, for less than a single item at many other retailers! I'm constantly keeping an eye of what new items arrive in store. Of course, it's even better now that they have an online store - no more wading through crowded stores or sifting through messy racks of clothes!

Here are a few things that are currently on my wishlist for Autumn. (I only realised as I was putting the collage together that they're all black - I promise, I do wear colour as well! I must just be craving the darker season!)

1. Pleather jacket R329.99 // 2. Lace-backed dress R99.99 // 3. Quilted pleather skirt R89.99 // 4. Heart earrings R15.99 // 5.  Lace cropped top R69.99 // 6. Lace up wedged boot R199.99 // 7. Bangle stack R49.99

Now for the good news! Mr Price is currently giving away an amazing R2500 voucher - I can't even begin to imagine all the goodies you'd be able to buy with that! To enter to win , click the image below:

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