Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Body Shop Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

After seeing a few reviews for this float around (and esp this one from For The Beauty Of It) I decided to pick this up when I was in The Body Shop last week. My skin has really been playing up lately (stupid hormones) and I’ve been using specialized products to clear it up. Now that it is more-or-less under control again, I was looking for a cleanser that would keep my skin clear without making it feel stripped or dry. Enter the concept of a cleansing butter/balm.

Now, the concept of cleansing with oil may seem a bit weird, but it’s chemically sound. One of the fundamental principles of chemistry is that “like dissolves like”. Basically, non-polar things (like grease) dissolve in oil, polar things dissolve in water. Typically, we get grease to wash off with water by using soaps or detergents – special molecules that have a polar side (to interact with the water) and a non-polar side (to interact with the grease). This method works very well – in fact, sometimes too well, removing all the oil from your face, leaving it dry and stripped. This in turn stimulates your skin to produce more oil, which you then strip away, and so on and so on. In oil-based cleaning, you use clean oil to dissolve the dirty oil on your skin. You then gently remove the oil to lift away the dirt without stripping your skin of all its moisture.

The Body Shop Cleansing Butter is a similar consistency to solid coconut oil. It’s a smooth white solid that, when you rub it between your fingers, melts into a silky oil. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t feel “oily” or “greasy” at all). I take a small blob and massage it all over my face for a minute or two. I then wipe my face clean with a damp, warm facecloth. To ensure I get all the oil off, I rinse out the facecloth with plenty warm water, wring it out and then (gently!) clean my face again. This left no residue on my face.

Despite all the good things I had heard, I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised at how well this cleanser worked. My skin felt clean and clear, while remaining soft and comfortable (not at all tight and red, like most cleansers leave me).  I've only been using it for a week but I am really enjoying this addition to my skincare routine! If you are at all interesting in trying a cleansing balm, I can recommend trying this one – it’s also a lot more budget friendly than many of the other ones on the market, so it’s a good one to start off with.

Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts?


  1. Aaand I just realised how handy it can be to know your chemical stuffs in this business. Thanks for the great explanation - it actually makes sense!

  2. I have been using this for a few months now and I am absolutely obsessed. It works so well and and is so gentle on my sensitive skin. I love how easily it removes make-up.
    Great post, especially with the scientific explanation ;)

  3. Aaah, thank you SO much for the mention! So glad you love this balm as much as I do… I've got about 2 uses left of mine - so sad! Need to stock up asap. OBSESSED with this product. This is such a great post - LOVE your explanation re. the chemistry side! x


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