Wednesday, 2 April 2014

March Highlights

Ok, after a brief hiatus, we're back in action! I know everyone is saying this, but can you believe it's April already??!! March seemed to just fly by! Here were some of the highlights from the last month:

Obviously, the big one, right on the 1st of March, was my 25th birthday! I was really spoiled by 
family and friends, and they made it a lovely day. (Also, hey it's my birthday, so what the hell, 
two bday selfies)

After some struggles, I had some fun getting into the swing of things in the lab!

Shameless lab selfie.
  I was invited by Catrice to join in on the festivities at the Cape Town Carnival from the VIP deck. 
It was such a colourful, fun and festive evening! Bonus, I got to hang out with two of my 
favourite bloggers, Anja and Siyaam! I didn't bring my camera with me, and so I only have my 
cellphone quality pics and video for my memory, but if you haven't seen their posts on the night 
yet, go check them out! (Below photo from Siyaam's blog)

March meant the beginning of the season of long weekends! I spent my weekend laying around at home, justifying my decision to wear leggings as pants (comfort is key, people!) and eating a whole batch of homemade choc chip cookies (thanks to my stretchy and comfy pants!)


Bonus: I got to spend lots of cuddle time with this little one:

March also nicely began the season of Autumn! I love this time of year! After months of sweltering heat,
it’s been nice to pull my jeans out of storage, to wear boots again and to have fun in the rain!

I wonder what April will hold?

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