Thursday, 13 March 2014

7 Red Lipsticks

It should come as absolutely zero surprise that I LOVE red lipstick. I started playing around with it at 18, and as I've gotten older my love for it has grown exponentially. (As is probably evident if you look at my recent selfies on Instagram...) What I love about red is the instant glamour - it doesn't matter if you're all dressed up, or if you're just lazing around at home in your yoga pants, if you add red lipstick, you immediately look like you've put in extra effort!

Ok, so with that said, it should be apparent that I have numerous red lipsticks in my collection. I thought I would show you 7 of the ones I reach for the most. (These are all purchased by me, with the exception of the EsteƩ Lauder one, which was a gift from my Mom.)

From left to right:

1. Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Cherry Frost - A bright cherry red with a glossy finish. Amazing value for money! Goes on easily, feels unbelievably comfortable. Reasonable lasting time, easy to touch up.
2. Wet n Wild Mega Last Lipcolour in Stoplight Red - Possibly my favourite shade, a bright post-box red with a slightly matte finish. Really impressive staying power. The only thing I would change is the bullet - it comes with a blunt tip which makes application tricky. I'm slowly training it in though....
3. Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Berry Queen - A darker, more wintry red. Moisturizing on application. Reasonable lasting time.
4. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Heartbreaker - Somewhere on the pinky-red/ reddish-pink scale, but looks red on my lips. This is my second tube, which says something! Applies easily, stays on well.
5. Revlon ColourBurst Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon - Perfect if you want something on the sheer side, one swipe gives a subtle tint of colour, can be built up. Very comfortable and moisturizing, but doesn't last long.
6. EsteƩ Lauder Pure Colour Long Lasting Lipstick in Fig - My favourite in winter! A deep wine red with a lovely creamy finish. Lasts quite well considering how creamy it is. (Thanks Mom for this one!)
7. Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipcolour in Very Cherry - A bright cherry red. (I actually saw my friend wearing this lipstick first, and just HAD to ask her what it was so that I could buy it!) Very similar in colour to the Wet n Wild Cherry Frost, but not as soft, so it has much better staying power. 

And some swatches (in the same order from left to right). (Also, eek, my inner arms are freakishly pale...)

Now your turn to share! Have you tried any of my favourite red lipsticks? And what would you recommend for the next addition to my collection?


  1. You look gorgeous - the middle photo is ESPECIALLY bewitching :) x

    Claire :D

  2. Great collection! I love red lipstick and especially love the look of the pillar box red shades. They go so well with pale skin! (I'm ridiculously pale, too! All the best people are!) I'd recommend Inglot's lipsticks; they're amazing, and there are so many colours / shades to choose from.

    1. Yay for embracing our natural pale! I must check out Inglot's reds - their products are always so lovely and pigmented!

  3. You look gorgeous in red lipstick. I love the Revlon lip butters :)

    1. Thanks Chicara! The Revlon lip butters are amazing!

  4. My ultimate red lipstick is a bit of a splurge Chanel Rouge in 19 Gabrielle but it is just the perfect shade of red and doesn't budge. I talk/eat a lot so I need my lipstick to stay put and sadly most "drugstore" brands just slide straight onto my teeth. Also MAC, Inglot and Lancome are other firm favourites.


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