Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Birthday Wishes

So, in 10 days time aka the 1st of March, IT WILL BE MY BIRTHDAY! (Commence intense celebration, followed by brief weeping period when I realize I'm 25 and have no plan yet for my life, followed by acceptance and a smile.) Of course, birthdays mean birthday presents! Here are a few things that I'm hoping the magical birthday fairies bring me this year!

1. Lush Bath Bombs - One of my newer addictions, I don't think I could ever get over these! Some of the bath ballistics I'm currently craving are the Butterball, Twilight and Blackberry Bath Bombs
2. Red lips are my all-time favourite makeup looks (even if I'm just vegging at home in my pjs!) so I'm always on the lookout for new formulations. Two red lip products currently on my wishlist are the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery, and MAC Lipstick in Russian Red.
3. I'm still loving my longer hair, but the tangles that it loves getting into are giving me grief. Maybe a Tangle Teezer is the solution?
4. Face masks are always a great gift idea for anyone who loves a bit of pampering.
5. Somedays it feels like I'm the only person left in the world who hasn't tried Urban Decay products! I love me some neutral eyeshadows, so I'm lusting over all three Naked palettes. (Ok, realistically, unless the universe really does conjure up some magical birthday fairies, this one may have to be a from-me-to-me gift...)

6. I love love LOVE cute socks, and after seeing these frilly ankle socks in Cotton On I now want ALL of them!
7. A slightly practical item on my birthday wishlist is a new, more powerful hairdryer. At the moment I'm using a compact dryer and - while it's been perfectly lovely for the last few years - it's just not quite cutting it anymore now that I have longer hair.
8. Who else loves pretty scarves? I do, but I never seem to buy them for myself. How pretty is this one from Forever New?
9. We've recently covered my new love for scented candles. Two Yankee Candles on my wishlist are Soft Blanket and Garden Sweet Pea.
10. Last but not least, Typo goodies! I'm particularly a fan for their nerdier products, such as this pencil bag and stamp kit. (I already have and love the periodic table canvas!)


  1. I just celebrated my birthday and I really wish some of these had been on my birthday wish list! Love the Yankee Candles and red lipsticks

  2. I hope you get everything your heart desires! x

  3. It's bad luck to say Happy Birthday before the date. So I won't.

    And you MUST try Urban Decay eyeshadow. It changed my outlook on makeup. Before, I only ever bought drug store crap. And now I say crap because it is CRAP compared to Urban Decay. I have the Basic palette and won't go back.

    1. I seriously can't wait until urban decay officially comes to SA, at the moment we can only get a limited selection online.

  4. Oh my word! You got such good taste!!! En welkom hier by die quarter life crisis period! It's fun and poo at the same time! *wine*

    1. Dankie Leana! There is going to be lots of wine!

  5. I was only in Typo for the second time ever last week. I also saw cool test tube stationary sets. I think it's a good thing I don't live closer to one because I would spend way too much.

  6. I want almost everything off your list, especially those Lush bombs and all 3 Naked pallettes as well.

  7. Did you get any of your wishlist goodies? I hope so. Oh my goodness! I MUST have that meh pencil bag! Typo is dangerous. As is Forever New.
    If you like the Naked 3 palette, I suggest looking into a couple of Inglot shadows that are similar (specifically Pearl 397, Pearl 399 and Matte 344) - they have been my own version of those beautiful rose colours since UD isn't available in SA :(
    And welcome to the 25-or-older-but-don't-know-what-I'm-doing-with-my-life club!


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