Wednesday, 26 February 2014

24 before 25!

So, when I turned 24 last year, I decided to make a list of goals: 24 things I would like to do before my 25th birthday.

The list!
  1. Fly in an airplane for the FIRST TIME!
  2. Get my learner's license
  3. Start a YouTube channel 
  4. Start yoga
  5. Sleep under the stars
  6. Attend a colour festival
  7. Write a letter to my 30-year-old self
  8. Take more photos of my daily life
  9. Buy myself a proper piece of jewelry
  10. Make some non-chemistry-related money
  11. Buy a pair of jeans that fit well
  12. Go 24 hours media free
  13. Go up onto the roof
  14. Clear my wardrobe
  15. Survive my first year of PhD life
  16. Go to a big music concert
  17. Cut my own hair
  18. Go watch a live comedy show
  19. Get business cards printed
  20. Visit a new province
  21. Host a themed dinner party
  22. Go for a weekend away with my friends
  23. Start journaling again
  24. Go to a blogger meet 

Here's how I did:

  1. Fly in an airplane for the FIRST TIME! Done! Not a long, international flight, but I did fly to/from Durban in June/July for a conference
  2. Get my learner's license I finally got around to doing this. Now just to get my driver's license for the next list!
  3. Start a YouTube channel I still need to get the hang of filming properly and get into a regular schedule though
  4. Start yoga Started yoga in March and still going strong!
  5. Sleep under the stars. Fail. 
  6. Attend a colour festival Went to the Cape Town Holi One/We Are One Festival in March! (The day after my 24th birthday!)
  7. Write a letter to my 30-year-old self. In progress...
  8. Take more photos of my daily life Sort of. Been doing this a lot more thanks to Instagram, but this I'll be taking it even further with PROJECT LIFE! 
  9. Buy myself a proper piece of jewelry Bought myself a really pretty ring after my MSc graduation and have been wearing it daily ever since!
  10. Make some non-chemistry-related money. Made my first little bit of money through my blog. It wasn't much but it was exciting! 
  11. Buy a pair of jeans that fit well. No such luck yet. (Petite ladies - any suggestions for jeans that fit short legs but accommodate curves as well?)
  12. Go 24 hours media free. Ok, absolutely epic fail
  13. Go up onto the roof Ok, this doesn't sound like much but I am terrified of falling and ladders (weirdly, it's not a fear of heights per se). It's taken me over 20 years to join my brother or father up on the roof of my parents' house (and it's only a 1-story!).I crawled up and down, and had a small panic attack whilst I was up there, and refused to stand up, but I did it! (Why were we up on the roof? Taking photos of the awesome snow-capped mountain ranges, that's what).
  14. Clear my wardrobe Got rid of several bags full of clothes that don't fit me any more. Donated to charity.
  15. Survive my first year of PhD life - only just ;) It's been a really tough year, but I'm glad I'm doing what I'm doing. Besides, how many people get to go into work and do cool things like THIS:
  17. Go to a big music concert I've been to a bunch of small, local concerts but never to a huge, international band because crowds tend to freak me out. This year, I went to BON JOVI with some friends and it was totally AWESOME!!!
  18. Cut my own hair When I had short hair, it required frequent trips to the hairdresser to keep it in shape. Now that my hair is just long layers, it's awesome to be able to save the money and just trim the ends/layers myself.
  19. Go watch a live comedy show. I was lucky enough to go watch two of my favourite stand-up comedians ever this year, Michael McIntyre and Eddie Izzard!
  20. Get business cards printed. Haven't had professional ones printed yet because I'm still tweaking my blog design, but I did have some temporary ones made for the meantime.
  21. Visit a new province See no.1 - visited KwaZulu Natal for the first time. (That makes 5: Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Free State. Still need to venture up into the North-Eastern corner of the country!)
  22. Host a themed dinner party. Not yet. One for the next year!
  23. Go for a weekend away with my friends Spent a fabulous weekend away in the Riebeek Valley in May for the Olive Festival! We've also spent two weekends down the coast and stayed in Betty's Bay
  24. Start journaling again Oh, Typo Buffalo Journals, how I love you so!
  25. Go to a blogger meet. Done! You can read my post about the #CPTBloggerMeet HERE.
Overall, I'm rather pleased with how much I achieved in this year! I'm looking forward to next year - keep your eyes peeled for my 25 before 26 list!


  1. So awesome!! I'm almost finished writing up my 30 before 30 list - gonna publish that soon.

    1. Ooh, can't wait to see what's on your list :)

  2. Loved this post! Good job… super-successful year for you!

    1. Thanks Chereen :) It really was a rollercoaster year, luckily with lots of highs to balance out the lows!

  3. Yippeee!!!! Good for you girl! :D

  4. What a fantastic idea!!!! Can I please still this idea for my goal book? Mine would be 29 things before I turn 30...eeeek!!!!

    1. Sure thing - would love to see what you put on your list :)


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