Tuesday, 14 January 2014

NOTD - Purple Prettiness

essence: oh my glitter!
accent nail is sally hansen gem crush: be-jeweled

Yes, another essence polish ;) (I promise, I own others, but at R19.95 each with such a huge collection, I just can't resist buying essence polishes!)

Oh My Glitter is a pretty purple polish with very fine purple and pink shimmers, which I struggled to capture on camera. I really love this colour BUT unfortunately, the polish is very sheer and streaky. The above swatch is with three coats and in direct sunlight, I could still see sheer spots. Hmmn, maybe one for layering in the future.

I just had to pair this with an accent of the insanely shimmery "Be-Jeweled" Gem Crush polish from Sally Hansen (which I picked up on the Clicks sale) as the purple and pink tones matched flawlessly!

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  1. This colour looks stunning on you, pity that its streaky. I love your new blog look!


  2. That is so strange, my oh my glitter is quite opaque. I will consider myself lucky. The colour looks stunning on you.


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