Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Nails #3

Another week, another attempt at Christmas-themed nail art! This week is another "skittle" manicure with a bunch of stuff going on - so many things I wanted to try, so little time to get them in before the big day!

The Inspiration
Index finger:"Fair Isle" knitted Christmas jumper.
Middle finger: Rudolph, of course
Ring finger: Christmas tree with strings of lights
Pinkie finger: Winter wonderland (this is on my thumb as well)

The polishes I used:
Index finger: Fame Fatal by essence (red), Shade 216 by M.O.D (white)
Middle finger: White on White by Revlon (white, background), Mink by Accessorize (taupe), Marilyn and Me (glittery red), Shade 216 by M.O.D (white, eyes), matt stampy polish by essence (black)
Ring finger: Rock the Green by essence (shimmery green), matt stampy polish by essence (black), Wanna Be Your Sunshine by essence (yellow), All That Glitters by essence (gold glitter), Fame Fatal by essence (red), Sparkling Red by Mavala (red glitter), Boy Next Door (old shade) by essence (blue), Sparkling Blue by Mavala (blue glitter)
Pinkie finger: Boy Next Door (old shade) by essence (blue base coat), Electric Blue by Accessorize (shimmery blue), Shade 216 by M.O.D (white)

I'm really happy with this attempt - I think I'm learning a lot with all this Christmas nail art! If I had to change one thing, I would make the wire/string of the Christmas lights thinner (my paintbrush was not cooperating today).

What do you think about this festive nail art?


  1. Love it Laura! So festive and fun! I wish I had the talent and patience for this. Have a beautiful festive season.

  2. I love love love it! I can't even pick a favourite nail because I love them all. Amazing job!

  3. These are really great. Well done on the amazing job.


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