Thursday, 28 November 2013

October Photo A Day

Eek, yes, this post is very delayed! I had intended to put this up at the beginning of November, but with all that happened, it completely passed me by and spent several weeks feeling unloved in my drafts folder. Seeing as I didn't then participate in the November challenge, I thought I'd share this now. I'll also be taking a break from the #FMSPhotoADay challenge for December as I have a more festive photo challenge lined up :)

1 - {Something colourful}
2 - {Light} 
3 - {Me today!}

4 - {In motion} 
5 - Saturday {afternoon} shopping
6 - {8 o’clock} (coffee time!)

7 - {What I Saw Today} (popped into Rain for some goodies for a friend)
8 - {Corner} (Love this pretty paper on my lab notebook!)
9 - {Pink} (Strawberry & Black Pepper scrub by Hey Gorgeous!)

10 - {Hands}
11 - {M is for…}
12 - {Below} 

13 - {Watching} (eyes fixed on the prize!)
14 - {Favourite space} (“our” couch at häzz coffee)
15 - {Secret} (I journal/write nonsense about my life every day. Lot of secrets in these 

16 - {Leafy} The oaks in Spring are just so bright green! 
17 - {First world problems} (Too much money spent on makeup and nail polish, no more to buy new candles, so the candles I used at bath time didn’t match. this bugged me far more than it should have.)
18 - {Still} (She’s so hyperactive that I can only take photos when she is sleeping!) 

19 - It doesn’t look like much, but this vial turned my day into {A Good Day} 
20 - Open 
21 - {Then and Now} It’s just over two years since I decided to grow my hair out. Still loving this top, though!

22 - {Change} 
23 - {Your mood today} Summery and carefree! Work days are better bare-shouldered with beachy hair!
24 - After {Dark} the margaritas come out!

25 - {Welcome}
26 - {Depth of field}
27 {Peaceful} Wine tasting at Eagle’s Nest 

28 {Just for you}
29 - Still getting used to having long {Hair} for once!
30 {Wet} It’s a miserable, rainy day today and I didn't once even feel like jumping in puddles 

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