Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Wet n Wild - Wild Shine Nail Colour

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Colour in Red Red - R25

This is the first time I'm trying a nail polish by Wet n Wild and I love it! The above picture (taken before cleanup, my bad) is of two coats with no top coat. Look how shiny! The brush took me a bit of getting used to, mostly because it's a skinny one that doesn't fan out a whole lot, and I've been using essence polishes a lot lately with their jumbo brush. Once I got the hang of it though, it worked just fine. The polish was beautifully pigmented and was almost perfectly opaque in just 1 coat - I added a second coat just to even out my brush strokes. The polish dried appreciably fast. I'm currently 48 hours in and it's surviving well - still shiny, no chips (with base coat but no top coat... yet) and made it through dish washing, showering, hair washing and other foes. I've just started seeing a little bit of tip wear on my dominant hand. At only R25 for a 12.7 ml bottle, it's really excellent value for money so you can bet that I'll be adding a lot more of these to my collection! (Also, according to the website, these polishes are formaldehyde, toluene and pthalate free so you can feel safe wearing them!).


  1. This sounds so amazing and the colour is incredible! Thanks for sharing...now I will go hunting for some of these :D

  2. That colour is gorgeous on you. I so badly want to play with these but time is such a luxury for me right now. So glad to see it in action though.

  3. Aaaah, I'm so sad with the about my first Wet n Wild Wild Shine colour that I picked up! I was looking at this red but like always got drawn to a blue...and now I want this red even more because it's really striking! Lovely!


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