Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Nomination - Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award is "given to those who inspire us and bring 'sunshine' into our lives." Thank you so much to Chicara of Lipgloss Kisses for nominating me :)

1. If you won a million dollars (let’s say R 10 million for our South African bloggers), what would be the first thing you would buy and why?
A house! Firstly, because I would love to have a place of my own, and secondly, because having to fork out a small fortune every month on rent makes me incredibly sad. Real estate in Stellenbosch is ridiculously overpriced, so that would probably take most of my winnings, with the remainder probably getting blown on a nice holiday to a tropical island paradise!

 2. Do you have any pets and if so, what are they? And their names?
I don't have a pet all of my own (my apartment block doesn't allow pets). We do have a family dog, Foxy (cross fox terrier / jack russel / mystery), who lives with my parents and is unequivocally the cutest dog in the universe.

 3. Who is your favourite beauty guru and why?
I love Essie Button - her videos and blog posts are both informative and very entertaining! Watching her videos is like having a chat with a friend rather than getting a lecture from a makeup artist.

 4. What kind of blog posts do you like to write the most?
My favourites are beauty reviews, plus the more rambly "about me" tag-style posts.

 5. Name a few of your favourite bloggers and what you like about their blog.
Oh, goodness, it's so hard to choose, I must follow almost 200 blogs... I do love reading local (South African) beauty/lifestyle blogs because they feature things that are relevant and available. Some of the local bloggers that I love include Pink Peonies, Lipgloss Kisses, Gee Whiskers, Lipgloss is my Life, One Stiletto at a Time, For the Beauty of It, Mother City Mom, Glamorous Glitter, Not Another Poppie, Ordinary Misfit and The Glam Green Girl.

 6. If you could take a 2 week vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go, and who would you take with you?
I'm torn between the south of France and Tuscany. Basically, somewhere in the beautiful countryside with amazing food and endless good wine! I would take my bestest girl friends (C, H, L, V - you know who you are!).

 7. If you could only wear one brand of makeup for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Either EsteƩ Lauder or Stila.

 8. Describe your favourite casual outfit?
My typical casual outfit is a pair of dark Woolies jeggings, ballet flats (or ankle boots) and a tank top.

 9. What is your favourite holiday?
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!!! I love Christmas! It's such a magical time of year. (Plus, I'm religious (Catholic) so the season has some real meaning and traditions tied to it, which I love).

 10. What TV series are you looking forward to watching?
I watch far too much TV for my own good. At the moment, I'm enjoying the new seasons of How I Met Your Mother, Bones, Castle, New Girl, NCIS, Supernatural, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory and Arrow. I'm looking forward to the new seasons of Suits and Game of Thrones. And of course, there's nothing like a Friends marathon to cheer you up if you've had a shit day!


  1. Love your answers! Guess what - I'm also torn between France and Tuscany... It's a foodie's paradise. :) xoxo

  2. Loved reading this. You seem like an amazing person! :-)

  3. I loved reading your awards posts. I love getting to know people a bit more.
    Awww thank you so much for the mention. That is REALLY flattering. Especially coming from you!


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