Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Makeup

So, I wasn't actually going to do anything for Halloween besides my nails. And then I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror about to do my normal everyday makeup when I thought - you know what, screw it!

I don't have a tutorial for this look as I just winged it as I went along but the basic idea is this:

  • Whiten face with white creme makeup (blend in with a makeup sponge).
  • Set with powder.
  • Fill in brows with black eyeshadow and an angled brow brush.
  • Contour shadows under cheekbones, on sides of nose and along hairline with black eyeshadow and an angled blush brush.
  • Shade eyelids with black and grey eyeshadow.
  • Line upper lids with black liquid liner.
  • Liner upper and lower waterlines with black pencil liner.
  • Mascara!
  • Draw lines from corners of mouth to ears with black liquid liner. Add "stitches".
  • Colour in lips with (waterproof!) black liquid liner.
  • Finish off with a braided updo, black jewelry, black clothes and kickass heeled black boots. (The trick to pulling off an all-black outfit? Texture. I'm wearing black jeans, suede boots and a knitted top with pleather detail).
  • Freak out your co-workers, the people at your local coffee shop, everyone you walk past, etc.

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  1. You are so good with the makeup looks. I love this!


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