Thursday, 3 October 2013

Hair Tutorial: Milkmaid Braids

milkmaid braids tutorial

Milkmaid braids have quickly become one of my go-to styles! They're a LOT easier than they look, are quick to do once you get the hang of it, and ALWAYS get compliments! (Remarkably, from guys as well as gals!) As a bonus, they keep my hair securely out of my face all day, which is perfect for me!

Here's what you need: a comb, two small hair elastics (I love to use these little rubber ones as they don't slip and are easily hidden) and a bunch of bobby pins.

Detangle your hair - this will make your braiding easier. 

Divide your hair into two sections.

I like to tie up one section so long to make my life easier.

Now for your first braid. Gather the remaining loose hair just above your ear (the exact position will depend on how long your hair is, but this is a good place to start).

Braid as normal. Depending on what look you're going for, this can be as neat or messy as you want.

Braid as far down as you can go, and then secure with a hair elastic.

Untie the other side and repeat!

Optional: I'm busy growing out my bangs so this is the point when I pin them back.

Now for the criss-cross! Take one of the braids and pull it over your head towards the opposite ear. Pin the end down with a bobby pin or two.

Now for the other one! You want to start off by trying to conceal the ends of the first braid...

... then pull it over, bringing the end to hide behind the first braid! Secure the end with a bobby pin or two.

Looking good so far!

Now to make sure your hairdo stays put, grab a few more bobby pins and secure the base of the braids to your head!

All done! If you want to, add a spritz of normal hold hairspray. You're now ready to go wow the world with your fantastic braided 'do! (Be prepared for lots of people to go "Ooh! Your hair looks so cool! How do you do that?")

This style can be altered by making the braids loose or messy, or by doing more intricate braids (eg fishtail braids). For Spring, I'm definitely going to be putting some flowers into my braids!


  1. It looks great. My hair is finally long enough to try fun hairstyles like this.

    1. Thanks Natasha :) I'm so excited to have long hair myself after years and years of bobs and pixie cuts!

  2. Ah, looks awesome! Hopefully when my hair is longer (and when I straighten it) I can try this hairdo out.

  3. This looks so super easy the way you have done it!!! I need to try it over the weekend and report back to you once I have tried it out :) Thanks for are such a hunny! Keep up the great blog work! Much love xxx

    1. Please do let me know how your attempt turns out :) And thanks for such a sweet comment! x

  4. I love this look, I am trying to grow my hair out to a length where I can do this!

  5. I also love doing milkmaid braids! People always think it's tricky to do, but it's not.

    1. I know - every time I wear my hair like this people ask how long it took me to do my hair, and they never believe me when I say 5 minutes!

  6. I love milkmaid braids and they look amazing on you! So simple, but so pretty. They're so easy to do, although my hair is so heavy it's difficult to get it these braids to stay in place, even with a whole pack of kirby grips.

  7. You look so cute in that hairstyle... Wish I had your long beautiful hair! Awesome post.


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