Wednesday, 30 October 2013


currently fairy lights

Making ... list after list after list

Cooking ... chicken fajitas with chopped salsa for dinner every night

Drinking ... too much red wine

Reading ... research articles about dithiadiazoly radicals

Wanting ... a long-overdue holiday

Looking ... forward to my next yoga class

Playing ... Little Things on my phone

Wasting ... some time while I wait for my reaction to finish

Enjoying ... the prospect that we're halfway through this week

Waiting ... for it to be coffee time

Wishing ... that a cupcake would magically appear on my desk

Wondering ... what will be going on my Christmas wish lists this year

Loving ... my family

Hoping ... for some good results at work

Marveling ... at the sheer wonder of what scientists can achieve

Needing ... a hug

Smelling ... my perfume, DKNY Pure Vanilla

Wearing ... my lab uniform of jeans, black flats and a striped shirt

Noticing ... that I don't feel like myself this week

Knowing ... that I should be working, not blogging

Thinking ... about what I want to ask Santa for this year

Bookmarking ... a variety of Christmas DIYs that I'll probably never look at again

Giggling ... at a Buzzfeed article a friend just shared with me

Feeling ... overwhelmed and lost.


  1. I know that overwhelmed feeling all too well... Have been procrastinating this whole morning. ;) I think it's really time for me to start baking my own cupcakes by the way I'm craving for them too. Love you little list, wow Christmas is around the corner. Have a beautiful day. xoxo

  2. hahahahahahaha! on the same boat. thinking of Christmas holiday, gifts, food etc.
    feeling overwhelmed & lost, needing a hug. hoping for a new phone.

    1. Always good to hear that you're not alone in how we feel!

  3. I hope everything settles down soon hun. :-) Have a glass of wine, or maybe a bottle, depending on your needs ;-)
    P.S. Can I also do this tag?

    1. A glass or two of wine definitely helped ;-) Sure, you are welcome to do this tag :) I think I'm going to use it myself every couple of months.


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