Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Essence My Skin Refreshing Cleansing Wipes

I'll admit it - at least one a week, I get into bed without taking my makeup off. *shock horror* Sometimes it's because I've only gotten home from work in the early hours of the morning, sometimes several botttles of wine are involved. Whatever the reason, once I've collapsed exhausted onto my bed, there's no way in hell I'm getting up to walk to the bathroom to wash my face. Which is why I keep a pack of cleansing wipes next to my bed.

At R19.95 for a pack of 25, Essence's Refreshing cleansing wipes are ridiculously cheap. (The wipes I was previously using were around R55 for 25.) These wipes are alcohol free and claim to be suitable for all skin types.

The lime and cucumber scent took me a bit of getting used to and, while I wasn't a fan at first, it's now grown on me (although I still would prefer fragrance-free). The wipes themselves are very soft to the touch and are thick enough to work efficiently. They are just wet enough to clean your face properly (and take off all your makeup).

Personally, while I found that these wipes did clean my skin, I found that they were quite drying. I have to moisturize after using these otherwise my skin feels uncomfortably dry and tight. (Which, when you're using a product as a lazy/tired shortcut, is not great.)

Overall, I would recommend that you give these wipes a try if you have oily or combination skin, but if you have skin that is sensitive or dry, be prepared to have to moisturize afterwards.

My Clicks was sold out of Essence's other My Skin cleansing wipes (the "Caring" cleansing wipes) so I'm hoping to get my hands on those when this pack runs out - I think those might be less drying/more moisturizing.


  1. I use Johnson & Johnson face wipes for sensitive skin. Fragrance free and work like a bomb.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to give them a try :)

  2. I used to be so good about taking off my make-up every night, but this winter has been bad. The water takes forever to get warm at our new house and I don't want to waste water or wash my face with cold water. I need to get some cleansing wipes.


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