Monday, 8 July 2013

Purple Polka Dots

purple polka dot nail art

I just loved this purple manicure! I wore this nailart for my week in Durban and it lasted almost chip-free from Saturday to Saturday! (Invest in decent top coat and base coat, ladies! It makes all the difference!) I wore it in total for 9 days before removing the polish due to some corner chips and tip wear.

 The polishes I used were Tip Top's Purple Reign (the pictured dark purple) and Surfer Girl (the lighter purple). Being Tip Top polishes, they are a dream to work with. I painted two coats of colour before doing the polka dots.

The larger dots were done with the tip of a bobby pin. Once that was dry, I added a smaller dot of the base colour inside most of the dots (still with a bobby pin, just using less polish and pressure). The third, smallest dot inside some of the polka dots was done with the tip of a pencil. (No need to spend any money on dotting tools!)

(This manicure was inspired by the green-and-blue version over on For The Love of Nailart.)

The next time I try this mani idea, my mom suggested I try it in black and white - how lovely would that look?!

PS: For some stupid reason, I took lots of photos before I did any cleanup, and none after - so I apologise for the messy finish. 


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