Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Have you ever....

I'm picking up on this fun blog idea from the fabulous Diva Desle :D So, without any preamble, let's jump in!

1.Been pulled over?
Nope - I don't drive (I haven't got my license - yet. Or money to buy a car to drive, for that case... But I promise to get cracking on that license soon!)

2.Plucked your eyebrows?
Yes. But now I'm lazy/too much of a wuss to do them properly, so I get a pro to wax/pluck/shape them and I just do some maintenance in between appointments. (On that note, am I the only person that finds brow waxes soothing and not painful?)

3.Pulled an all-nighter?
I try. I always end up falling asleep before the sunrise. (Whether for work or fun!)

4.Baked a cake?
Lots of times, although I tend to stick to the same recipe (I'm not really big on cake but I love my mom's vanilla cake recipe - it's just so soft and fluffy!)

Yummy birthday cake! (Plus sparklers, because fire should be fun!)

5.Fallen down in public?
Yes. Cute shoes + wet ground + low friction coefficient = landing on your butt.

6.Been caught making out?
Whoops, yes...

7.Taken a pregnancy test?

8.Broken a bone?
Not really.

9.Had braces?
Yes, from the beginning of Grade 9 all the way to the end of Grade 11! That's a long time! Including a year of sleeping with that super sexy wire thing that clips into your braces and goes all around your head, yikes. I still have wires behind my top and bottom front teeth. But, totally worth it!

Million-dollar smile! Well, not quite, but almost! (If you follow me on Instagram, you'll note that I'm quite fond of the selfie...)

10.Gone skinny dipping?

11.Made a prank call?

12.Screamed during a scary movie?
Yes! I scream at lots of things, but especially when someone/something jumps out at me.

13.Gone out without underwear?

14.Been arrested?

15.Opened Christmas presents early?
Not technically. But for years now I've been choosing my own gifts. And then I help my mom wrap everything. And then I open them on Christmas Eve. It's probably weird, but hey - it's my tradition. (And I always get things I like, hehe ;P )

This one was from my aunt, so it was still a surprise!

16.Been in the hospital?
Yes - the biggest thing that happened was my tooth-extraction operation just before I turned 13 (my 4 wisdom teeth PLUS 8 OTHER (baby/milk) TEETH!) (Who still has 8 baby teeth at 13? Unlucky me.)

17.Had food come out your nose?
Haha, food, no. Wine, yes. (If I sometimes have wine for supper, does that make it a food?)

18.Toilet papered someone's house?

19.Laughed so hard you cried?

This group of ladies is usually responsible for that...

20.Burned yourself with a curling iron?
Eina, yes!

21.Been hit on by someone too old?
Urg, yes.

22.Eaten food that fell on the floor?
Firm believer in the 10 second rule!

23.Given a hickey?
Not that I'm aware...

24.Shared a sucker with your dog?
Eew, no!

But let's just take a moment to aaw at how cute Foxy is!

25.Been in an accident?
As a passenger, yes. (Most recently this March - on my graduation day :( boo to the stupid woman who drove into my brother's car!)

26.Spied on your neighbors?
Once. They're not interesting.

27.Lied about your age?
Fairly often.

28.Fired a gun?
Only an air rifle.

29.Been drunk?

Surprisingly, this was my first glass of wine and I was still completely sober! (Back story  - we were staying in this cottage for the weekend and we found this old suitcase. Which quickly resulted in "Do you think we can fit Laura in there?". The answer - contorting is really difficult when you are wearing high waisted skinny jeans.)

30.Gotten a tattoo


  1. This is hilarious! Oh and I love waxing too! :)

    Amina ∞ Oh Just One More

  2. Great challenge! I may just have to give it a go, too x

  3. Haha! I had 3 baby teeth at 17! 17!!!

    1. I feel you! Mine probably would have stayed in forever - my wisdoms were growing at such an angle that they were preventing my permanent teeth from coming out :(


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