Friday, 12 July 2013

Durban Adventures

As some of you may have seen on Twitter/Facebook, I recently went to Durban for a week. The reason for my visit was for INORG2013 - a local biennial Inorganic Chemistry conference. The conference took up almost all of our time for the week, so I didn't get to see much of Durban itself. Nevertheless, I thought I'd share some of my Instagrams from the week. (This is my first time using Instagram's "embed" function so I hope it works!)

I flew for the first time!

Leaving Cape Town

The hotel room (I shared with the other PhD student that I went with - she's a friend so it was a fun week!)

The weather for the week was rather grey and dreary, but our first day was lovely, so we celebrated our safe arrival with cocktails and wood-fired pizza!

Sunrise from our hotel room!

I got to present the first few months of my PhD research!

We did take an afternoon off - I got to enjoy several hours at uShaka Sea World!

We enjoyed a fantastic dancefloor experience at the conference's gala dinner! (I was VERY grateful I decided to wear leggings underneath this dress!)

 After the conference was over we did take the time to go for a walk on the beach!

The week ended with a day at the UKZN Westville Campus for a workshop, followed by us flying home that night. I had one of the most terrifying moments of my life when I realised at the airport that I had lost my phone! I was incredibly lucky though - I had somehow left it in the ladies' bathroom and someone found it and turned it in to the Information desk! In our crime-filled society where I immediately thought that someone had stolen it, it was so remarkable to get it back! Thank you and God bless to the woman who found my phone and to the lady at the Information desk!!

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  1. Missed the obligatory LJ with poster pic on twitter. Porphyrins are cool although I've not looked at them since my post-doc days.


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