Thursday, 25 July 2013

Bioderma Sensibio Forte

bioderma sensibio forte cream for reddened sensitive skin

"Rich in soothing, modulating active ingredients, Sensibio Forte quickly soothes cutaneous reactions and increases the skin's tolerance threshold. Hydrating and moisturizing agents fight the cutaneous dehydration which often accompanies irritation."

I found this gem from Bioderma at my pharmacy and had to pick it up as it seemed perfect for my skin - and I'm glad I did. I use this cream on a when-needed basis whenever the redness in my skin flares up, whether it's from a reaction to something I've used, or from a touch too much sun, water irritation after a warm shower, or after even a gentle exfoliation. I've found that it helps with rosacea-related redness. Immediately after applying this soothing cream, I can feel my skin's irritation disappearing, and within a minute it is fulling absorbed, leaving my skin softer, moisturized and visibly less red.

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