Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"Blog Every Day In May" Challenge: Day 1

Hi everyone :) As you are probably aware, I haven't been blogging that much recently. This is mostly for two reasons: my "real job" is keeping me insanely busy (beware: PhD = sell your soul), and I've had some health issues lately. However, I'm trying to get back on the ball as I really enjoy blogging! I saw this blogging challenge floating around on Twitter and thought I'd give it a go to kickstart my return to enthusiatic blogging :) You can click on the button above for more details, but the gist of it is, there are 31 prompts, one for each day in May. You can be as creative or as boring as you like ;P (I find that writing a blog post is a lot easier once I've figured out what I want to write about, don't you?)

So, here goes :)

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less

I was born in the middle of Cape Town in the early hours of 1 March 1989, to the most amazing pair of parents. Three years later, my brother was born. My childhood at home, with my family, was amazing. From an early age, I loved to read. I enjoyed schoolwork, but not school (kids can be mean). As an introvert, a bookworm, a quite soul, a nerd, I had a hard time making friends. My teenage years in particular were not good to me.

Mini bookworm Laura (1 and a bit years)
I got a fresh start when I started varsity. I moved to Stellenbosch to do my BSc degree, majoring in Chemistry and Biochemistry. On the first day of orientation, as I stood in my new room in res, I met the girl who was assigned to be my roommate, and destined to be my best friend. I enjoyed my undergrad years.  I followed my BSc degree with my Honours in Chemistry, and moved into a flat with my best friend. I worked my ass off, but really enjoyed what I was doing.

"The Company"
For my MSc, I chose Organic Chemistry. The work was frustrating, but I learnt a lot and made friends with some truly amazing people that I love dearly. I came out of my shell A LOT and my social life flourished.
And now I’m doing my PhD. I love living in Stellenbosch, and I love the field of research that I’m in. I’m excited for what the future holds!

I love you all [---THIS---] much!

Sjoe, Word says that that's 246 words! Just made it!

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