Wednesday, 10 April 2013

NOTD In The Navy

tip top nail chic in "in the navy"

The start of cold weather means that it's time to bring out the dark, richer nailpolishes :) This polish was my first ever navy, and I really like it! (Ignore the fact that I was an idiot and only took this photo after two days of wear, hence the less-than-perfect look). As always with Tip Top polishes, this polish was a dream to apply and was very long lasting. I also added a coat of Mavala Sparkling Silver (previously seen here) over my ring finger which gave a perfect "starry night sky" look.


  1. Love this colour. It's so dark it's almost black.

  2. Wow! Amazing how much it does look like a starry night sky :)

  3. Love this colour - perfect for the colder weather!

  4. I love that color polish! Even though it's spring, I'm hesitant to stop wearing some of my darker nail polish! -Jessica L


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