Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I love rainy days

I love rainy days. 
I love sitting at the window and just watching the rain fall. I love listening to the sound of soft gentle rain tapping on the paving stones.
I love being wrapped up in a soft warm blanket, enjoying endless cups of tea and coffee and hot chocolate.
I love staying in my pajamas all day long. I love wearing soft fluffy socks and sliding around my apartment's wooden floors.
I love playing scrabble in bed, or curling up on the couch with a good book.
I love steamy hot baths or showers, and then jumping straight into a gently heated robe.
I love pouring myself a glass of red wine once the light begins to fade.
I love spending an evening in soft candlelight and admiring the power of nature's electricity with every passing lightning strike.
I love lying in bed and falling asleep to the sound of the rain.
I love rainy days.
I don't love having to go to work on rainy days.


  1. This is beautiful :) I am reading this while getting ready for college and I feel the exactly the same!

  2. I love this... You have a way with words. ;)

  3. Amen staying in my pajamas all day underneath a warm blanket! I've become a bit of a homebody myself and don't go out as much as I use to. Love most of these things too. -Jessica L


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